Functional Safety Manager

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Gravis Robotics is a startup that turns heavy construction machines into intelligent and autonomous robots. Our unique combination of learning-based automation and augmented remote control lets one operator safely conduct a fleet of machines in a gamified environment. Our team has over a decade of academic experience honing the cutting edge of large-scale robotics, and is rapidly growing to bring that expertise into a trillion dollar industry through active deployments with market leaders.

About the Job
As a Functional Safety Manager at Gravis, you will manage and coordinate the development and certification of safety-critical systems for our robots. You will conduct safety assessments and analysis to identify potential hazards and risks associated with product designs and processes. You will collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure compliance with relevant safety standards and regulations, and that these safety considerations are integrated throughout the product life cycle. You will interact with relevant external notified bodies to carry out our certification applications. Your ability to follow a rigorous safety design process will be an integral part of the design and development of our products.

Your Responsibilities

    • Conduct safety assessments and analysis to identify and document hazards and risks (e.g. HAZOP, HARA, FTA).
    • Coordinate with notified bodies and regulatory agencies to facilitate product testing and certification processes.
    • Drive a culture of safe engineering and deployment practices.
    • Develop a deep understanding of our product functions and roadmap such that you have a holistic understanding of safety requirements.
    • Collaborate with development teams and customers to identify safety challenges and perform risk assessments and mitigation plans.
    • Manage and coordinate the development and certification of safety-critical systems.
    • Maintain an understanding of norms and requirements in key market regions to help ensure our product and safety systems are compliant with various standards and regulations.
    • Support with identifying and assisting engineering talent in implementing safety-critical features that comply with relevant functional safety norms.
    • Stay informed of new and updated regulations and standards, advising project teams on implications for product development and certification processes.


    • 3+ years of experience with managing and coordinating safety certification activities.
    • Solid understanding of functional safety principles and standards for machinery (e.g. ISO 12100, ISO 61508) and their integration into the development process.
    • Experience in working with external notified bodies.


    • Experience with functional safety for autonomous robots/vehicles.
    • Experience with “Directive 2006/42/EC - machinery directive”.
    • Familiarity with functional safety standards specialized for earth-moving machinery (e.g. ISO 19014, ISO 17757, ISO 15817).
    • Familiarity with cybersecurity safety standards (e.g. ISO 21434, IEC 62443, ISO 2700x). 
    • Experience with protocols such as CAN.
This is an opportunity to join a dynamic and versatile team, and to be part of a young startup that will revolutionize heavy construction. Gravis Robotics offers a fair market salary and a working location in the vibrant city of Zurich.  As a forward-facing startup, we understand that work-life balance and flexibility are important considerations for many professionals: If you are a highly qualified candidate with the requisite skills and experience, we encourage you to apply and discuss your preferred working arrangement during the interview process.

Gravis is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to building an inclusive and diverse team, and do not discriminate based upon race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, gender expression, disability, veteran status, or other legally protected characteristics.

We are an international team that is working to solve problems with a global impact:  to facilitate efficient communication and collaboration, proficiency in English is a requirement for all roles.