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We are on a mission to return 1 billion dollars back to small businesses by 2023.

Gravy is the global leader in customer retention for recurring revenue businesses. We believe in the human touch as a way to make better customer experiences happen, grow more revenue for our clients and strengthen more relationships along the way. We’re on a mission to create an affordable, more efficient way for businesses to engage and manage failed payments AND bring the human element back to the cold world of automated, digital communication.


The Sales Development Manager leads and coaches a team of Sales Development Representatives that are instrumental in bringing in sales qualified opportunities and leads that directly impact our growth. 


    • Each day, you will successfully help your team produce sales qualified opportunities via outbound prospecting for the Sales Executive team to close.
    • Work diligently and creatively to optimize the outbound prospecting strategy utilizing video, voice messages, email, phone calls, social media, events, etc.
    • Write and optimize templates and messaging to help the SDR team scale communication methods.
    • Experiment with new scripts and give feedback and coaching to SDRs as needed.
    • Create new strategies and evaluate existing ones to optimize effectiveness.
    • Build a social media network to expand influence and thought leadership. 
    • Represent Gravy as an influencer and insight leader inside target markets.
    • Act as the voice of the prospect and continuously communicate factors of success into feedback loops.
    • Can jump in to research and assess potential prospects, make cold calls, send videos, etc.
    • Monitor customer, market and competitor prospecting activity and provide feedback, plus implement new strategies.
    • Do whatever it takes to help the team move SQO through the sales pipeline in collaboration with the Marketing team and Sales Executive team.
    • Stay on the cutting-edge of sales enablement technology to assess the most effective tools on the market that will help the team move faster and more efficiently.
    • Work with SEs to ensure communication loops and qualifications are being defined in a way that meets expectations and aides in closing of new MRR.
    • Motivates teams via meetings, one-on-ones, standups, budgeted bonuses, sprints, contests / SPIFFs.
    • Communicate with warmth and authority and set the example via our Slack HQs so SDRs are ready to hit the ground running each and every day.


    • Develop net new sales qualified opportunities (SQOs) that result in closed-won clients
    • Alignment with company sales revenue targets 
    • We are a results-based team. The person in this position will be evaluated based on its team ability to execute and develop sales qualified opportunities (SQO’s), resulting in closed clients contributing to new month recurring revenue (MRR) and supporting Gravy’s sales targets. 
      In your first week at Gravy, you’ll learn how success is measured. You’ll always know where you stand here and have visibility to you and your teams’ metrics. All team members have a 90-day evaluation after starting and then quarterly evaluations to review performance and core value alignment.


    • You have 2-5 years of experience in a sales development role or similar market experience
    • You have experience in lead management, outbound prospecting, and sales cycle management
    • You have a proven ability to lead and motivate a team and you feel successful when other people win. 
    • You have experience with Salesforce, Microsoft Office & Google applications (A bonus if you are familiar with SalesLoft, ZoomInfo, Linkedin Sales Nav, and Vidyard)
    • You have a successful track record of delivering consistent sales qualified opportunities
    • You never say:
    • “That’s not my job.”
      “I thought those goals were unattainable.”
      “My team can’t find any new leads.”
      “We didn’t hit our metrics because…” 
    • You have an innate drive for success and daily wins, not only yourself, but your teammates and company as well. 
    • You are energized by people & relationships and live by the motto “kill people with kindness.” 
    • You are adaptable and strive to not only win over outbound leads, but nurture inbound leads and relationships as well. 
    • You thrive on social media and never want to miss a good networking opportunity. 
    • You’re engaging on and off the camera. 
    • You get bored with routine and thrive in a fast paced, rapidly changing environment. 
    • You love to learn new technologies and platforms. 
    • You are a self-starter and have an entrepreneurial spirit. You’re a problem solver and aren’t dependent on others to tell you how to move forward. You have a “figure it out” mindset. 
    • You likely have a 3, 5, and 10 year career plan with clear goals and objectives. 
    • You have experience in lead management, outbound prospecting, and sales cycle management
    • You can follow direction from leadership and don’t need to be micromanaged.
    • You have a high degree of self-awareness and take constructive criticism and run with it...without hesitation. You desire to GROW personally and professionally.
    • You approach life with optimism and see the good in situations and people.
    • You are able to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing, and you enjoy working closely with a sales & marketing team. 


    • Our core working hours are Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM - 5 PM EST. You are expected to be responsive to your Gravy teammates within 2 hours during our core hours, as well as respond to any prospects within 24 hours Mon - Fri. 
    • You may be required to travel up to 10 nights per year for summits and team gatherings. Travel costs will be covered by Gravy, and advance notice will be provided of travel dates.

We have 5 core values that drive who we are, the decisions we make, and the team dynamics:
- We approach life with optimism. 
- We take initiative. 
- We don’t take ourselves too seriously. 
- We build others up. 
- We do what we say we’ll do. 

We’ve always had a remote culture, so while we don’t provide snacks in a break room for you, we do provide personal and professional leadership development and a #oneteam mindset where we all win or lose together. Slack is our HQ and Chantel Ortiz (Sales Engineer) once said, “I feel more connected to my teammates at Gravy, even being states away and never having met anyone in person, than I ever did sitting in an office for four years at my last company.” 

We all gather together for an annual summit to focus on YOU. Your development and your growth. Expect these 3 days together to be one of your favorite times of the year. It won’t disappoint. 

We have a monthly all-team meeting that’s unlike any other meeting you’ve ever been a part of. Think inspiration. Think motivation. Think appreciation. That’s what you get at Gravy. 

We take care of our team first. Our team is more than just a number. They are humans. And we bring the human approach to our team, our clients, and everything that we do:
- We have unlimited flexible paid time off following a 90-day waiting period & we actually require that you take a minimum of 12 days off per year. We want you to recharge and take care of you! 
- We offer medical benefits starting on the 1st of the month following a 30-day waiting period for our team members. 
- Medical? We got it. 
- Dental? Got that too. Smile! 
- Vision? Our vision is to accelerate freedom for our team and our clients, but yes, we’ll take care of your eyesight too.