Cultivation Assistant

Alachua, FL /
Field – CAMP /
We are a lifestyle-oriented, consumer products company that celebrates health, wellness and happiness. We are creating a new type of company – in every way. One that is energetic, open, young in thought and diverse in makeup. We are a host of collaborative voices adding to the whole picture. We are dynamic, responsive, and constantly re-imagining possibilities. It’s the Greenspace of our brand, and preconceived notions need to be stripped away. We’ve seen the other side, and we are determined to create the culture we’ve always wanted, but never had. It’s not a job for us, it’s a movement. If you’re hearing us, you’re probably one of us.

As a Cultivation Assistant, you will:
Report to the Cultivation Manager and perform any tasks related to the growth of medicinal cannabis plants within the greenhouses, including (but not limited to): irrigation, fertilization, pest and disease scouting, transplanting, cloning, pruning, trimming, harvesting, and greenhouse sanitization.

We've been looking for you.

    • You are able to perform repetitive tasks successfully for extended periods of time
    • You are comfortable working in an enclosed and secure environment (under video surveillance at all times)
    • You keep a tidy work environment
    • You are punctual (shifts start between 7:45-8:00 AM)
    • You have great attention to detail & strong communication skills
    • You thrive working independently but enjoy being a part of a team


    • Schedule flexibility to work weekends, holidays and overtime as required
    • Ability to safely lift 30lbs, work outdoors, on your feet for extended periods of time
    • Must wear PPE when required (hair/beard nets, safety glasses, respirator masks, etc.)
    • Follow GMP protocols and practice Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
    • Must be 21+
    • Must be able to pass all background checks and fingerprinting

Preferred, but not required:

    • Previous experience in horticulture, landscaping, farming, cannabis cultivation, etc.
    • Understanding of applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations as they pertain to the industry, personnel law, safety regulations, local municipal codes and organizational rules, regulations, directives and standard operating procedures
    • Knowledge and understanding of the medicine, specifically, must have knowledge of various strains, genetics, THC content, and all relevant terminology.
    • Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture or other relevant field of study
The movement has begun. And everyone is welcome.

Green Growth Brands is at the forefront of a movement. One that requires a range of thought, and different points of views to be challenged, tested and proven out.

That takes a cast of wonderful characters that aren’t defined by race, sexuality, gender or physical abilities but have a shared vision and ability to work as one. In normal language, we are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do have a few guiding principles, however. The first is “be good at your job”, the only true measure of your effectiveness. The second is “treat others as they’d wish to be treated”, pretty straightforward, but important. If you are up to the task of being part of a movement, ready to engage all of your senses and join a band of adventurous souls, you may be one of us. We’d love to hear from you.