Operations Analyst

Lima Province, Peru
Grow is a Latam-based holding for micromobility and payments.
It is the result of the merger between Grin, the mexican scooter pioneer, and Yellow, a multimodal and payment player from Brazil.


    • Selection of suppliers
    • Supervision of payment of suppliers
    • Inventory & KPI control
    • Management of statistical data, graphics and dashboard
    • Supervision of staff.
    • Lead the repair team, plan and execute the processes of preventive and corrective maintenance, inspections, diagnostics of mechanical, electrical and electronic failures and the testing of the Grin transport units.
    • Take control of failures, repairs and internal metrics of the equipment.

Skills we are looking for:

    • Administration, Engineer (a) Electronic (a) or Mechanical (a), Mechatronic (a) or another similar.
    • General mechanics and electronics.
    • Knowledge in preentive and corrective maintenance.
    • Use of tools, materials and equipment used in mechanics and electronics.
    • Knowledge and management of production lines.
    • Advanced computer skills.
    • Knowledge in the use of mobile applications.
    • Experience with equipment management.
    • Skills to work as part of multidisciplinary teams.
    • Ability to communicate, particularly when explaining technical information to people with non-technical training.
    • Skills to coordinate a production and repair line.
    • Responsable, teamwork, honesty, organized, initiative, ability to solve problems.
We are looking for you!