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Groupthink is an early-stage startup using large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI's GPT-4 to create meeting facilitation software to improve collaboration and provide live note taking during Zoom calls. You can sign up to try it out in your next meeting at

This is a 100% remote job.

Groupthink is built with PHP / Laravel, React, and AWS. Software development at Groupthink is managed with Github and Groupthink - simple tickets, attached to the relevant repo, with lots of roadmap and tickets to work on at any given moment.


As a Senior Software Engineer, you'll report to Jonathan (cofounder/CEO) alongside a small scrappy team of software engineers who develop Groupthink. You'll regularly interact with the other engineers, the UI designer, and the co-founders. You'll implement features on the frontend based on APIs built by others, create APIs that may be implemented on the frontend by another engineer, and also build end-to-end features.


You will be responsible for building new features, addressing bugs and technical debt, refining technical designs and architecture, making on-the-fly design decisions for 0-to-1 features design hasn't had a chance to touch yet, and generally being a very startup-y engineer.

You may also find yourself functioning as a "lead" at times collaborating on day-to-day management activities including unblocking other engineers, reviewing PRs, writing issues, assessing technical debt, planning sprints, expanding the product roadmap, and recruiting talented team members to join.


The ideal candidate will have 5+ years of experience working on product-focused software engineering teams. What makes this role "senior" is less about the years worked and more about your ability to exercise independent judgement, move fast, have opinions about the next move and be able to bring others along, and to help people get unstuck. You should be at the point in your career where you are someone other people want to emulate, but aren't arrogant about that. You should be eager to solve customer problems quickly and efficiently, and be ready to experiment with new ideas, put them in front of customers, and then refine and iterate... or scrap them all together.

- 5+ years of experience with Laravel, PHP, and JavaScript
- Experience with Docker for local development
- Experience implementing and managing multiple 3rd-party RESTful APIs
- You enjoy and prefer working remote, and have developed routines and set up a work space that makes this productive and comfortable for you

Nice to Haves

One or more of the following experiences will be helpful to you in this role, but are not required:

- You have played with the technologies we use, including LLMs like GPT-4, vector databases, and video streaming providers
- You have 5+ years experience with React or React Native
- You've worked in a startup that is pre-product/market fit
- You enjoy and prefer working asynchronously, and have developed excellent communication skills to support this preference
Thank you!