Data and Growth Hacking Trainer

Amsterdam Area
Growth Tribe Is…

Europe’s first growth hacking academy. We empower people and companies to rapidly gain skills in areas such as ‘data-driven growth marketing’ or ‘A.I. without code’. We are redefining education through continuous curriculum deployment and deliver fast-paced learning experiences. Our courses receive very high ratings, we’re fully bootstrapped, we launch courses the world hasn’t seen yet as we build the future of education.

This role represents
A unique opportunity to become a customer facing data scientist with an expertise in consumer behaviour and marketing automation tools

Responsibilities in more detail

    • What you'll be doing
    • Teaching and facilitating our 2-Day AI for Marketing & Growth course (2 days a week)
    • Working closely together with our Lead Data Scientist Bernardo Nunes to continuously improve the content
    • Working with us on the curriculum & course preparations
    • Coaching companies from lots of different industries and with a wide variety of business models
    • Challenging attendees to think strategically as they apply AI in their businesses
    • If you are looking to make an impact by doing what you know and love, this is the position for you!

    • What you'll get in return
    • Work with an awesome, international team with lots of banter
    • Deepen your Growth and A.I. skills by working with the leading minds in the field
    • Broaden your skillset by working on deep learning, text mining, (marketing) automation, lead scoring, churn prediction, customer lifetime value (supervised learning) and clustering (unsupervised learning)
    • Get individual speaking training to develop your story telling and public speaking skills
    • Have a training budget of €1500 per year and additional training in public speaking
    • Get a daily, healthy lunch with the team & great coffee, tea and many more tasty things
    • A competitive salary

    • Our Culture is What Makes Us Unique:

    • Get Shit Done
    • No Excuses: We execute faster than anyone else. Be resourceful with speed. Mistakes may hurt us temporarily but being slow will kills us.

    • Data Levels All Arguments
    • Come to conversations and meetings with data (qualitative or quantitative). Our decisions will be sharper and our meetings shorter.

    • Always be Learning, Always be Teaching
    •  We are lifelong learners. We are a secret society and we make each other stronger within the Tribe. The world changes every week, learn and teach others.

    • It’s OK to Fail
    •  We value risk-taking. Mistakes are totally fine when you run experiments. We’re here to experiment.

    • Minimum Delightful Experiments
    • Ship fast and break things... but also watch out for customer delight and the Growth Tribe brand.

    • Innovate or Die & Always Be Paranoid
    •  We never let ourselves forget: What got us here won’t get us there. Always optimise and innovate.

    • We’re a Secret Society
    •  Don’t share secrets and stories outside the Tribe.

    • No Aggravation. No Bullshit.
    •  1% of drama creates 99% of aggravation.

    • Have Empathy & Help Out
    •  For customers and for teammates. We’re all human: “Did they eat? Are they sleepy? Is it a bad day?” And No-one is too good god for any task.

Sounds like you? Well… what are you waiting for, apply!
We can’t wait to meet you!