Growth & A.I. Talent Accelerator

Amsterdam Area
Welcome to the Talent Accelerator application!

This is your first step in applying for the 6 Month Growth Hacking & A.I. Talent Accelerator, which starts in March 2020.

The Talent Accelerator launches 4 times each year, starting in March, July, September and December.

We only have a few spots available and many requests for this program.


What is the Growth & A.I. Talent Accelerator?

Tailored to upskill already talented professionals to become the next generation of Growth Marketing Experts.

If you make it to the end of this application process (please visit our website for the full process) we will help you land a full-time position at a high-growth company in Amsterdam. You get working experience, get trained and earn a salary at the same time.

The company that hires you pays for your participation in the Talent Accelerator - it's free of charge for you.

As part of your new job, you will be trained by us for 6 months. Here's what we offer you:

Guidance from the best in Europe
Our trainers are real practitioners! Unlike any University they are updating their curriculum as soon as something new comes up that might help you succeed in your experiments - and we take in any suggestions, so please share your knowledge!

Work and get paid in a high-growth company
This is a full-time position at a high-growth company in Amsterdam.

Join a dynamic workplace in Amsterdam
Our trainers help you succeed in real-life projects you work on for your new company. No generic answers, but tailored guidance that helps you best.

Competitive training salary
No cost for participants. You will earn between 2000€ - 2250€ gross monthly.

Learn technical skills to future-proof your career
We're always up to date with the latest tech.

Get access to the Netherland's fastest growing startup network
We can introduce you to a plethora of cool companies.

We're looking forward to seeing what you can do! Best of luck!


Want to help us get better? Right now we're testing a new way of gamified assessments and your submission can help us out greatly!
Check out this link to play three fun games and support our improvement:
(Please note: the participation in this games will not affect your application as we're still in testing!)