Are You a Professional Freelancer?

Apply to be a Professional Freelancer
Contract Part-Time was borne to connect talented F/OSS developers with discerning and quality-focused software companies. Today, our ambitions are much greater. We're creating a new framework for all knowledge work.

We're seeking full-time freelancers skilled in software development (of all kinds). This includes:
Product Managers, ScrumMasters, UI/UX professionals, designers, project managers, full-stack developers, front-end developers, back-end developers, QA, DevOps, SecOps, etc. If you consider yourself a member of the technology community — we've got a client looking to engage you.

Here's why you should be interested in working with us:
+ We only accept clients with interesting product development challenges
+ We only accept clients who interested in maintaining durable and enduring freelance relationships
+ We only accept clients who are willing to pay top dollar for top talent
+ We back our Professional Freelancer (PF) teams 100% during conflict
+ We maintain strict scrum discipline and quality standards
+ We remove low-performing team members quickly and with dignity
+ We honor your feedback with expedient, transparent communication and implementation
+ We compensate at market rates with integrity, durability, and fairness
+ We honor PF crafts(wo)men with a guild-like, disciplined mentality

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By now, you know our reputation on HackerNews, Reddit, and other spots for taking care of our community. Join up and get serious about your career.

+ “One of the best teams I’ve ever worked with.”
+ "There’s visible, constant improvement; it’s not just lip service.”
+ "You guys paid for my Jeep Wrangler."
+ “Working with has, for the first time, allowed me to fit work into my life instead of life into my work.”