Data Engineer

Greater New York City Area
Engineering – Data Engineering
Our team is building a suite of data, products, services and other tools to help solve problems in the healthcare and life science space. This includes the classification of researchers and physicians to their scholarly research, simulating how effective drug compounds will be, and much more.
We're growing fast in a field that is also growing fast, so we're looking for people who want to grow fast too.  We think an environment that is supportive, collaborative, and sophisticated is the key to making this happen.

Experience and Skills
Our data engineers do these kinds of things:

Pull, clean, augment and master data coming from a variety of public and private sources.  This goes way beyond simple ETL - we’re preparing data sets that will be used to power machine learning algorithms, not just pulling data out of a database to display in a graph.

Work within a Spark/Scala environment from notebooks through mature pipelines.  Our data engineers are equally comfortable writing Scala code to normalize names or pulling together disparate notebook functions into a reusable class architecture.

Explore new ways to extract signal from data, including novel algorithms and approaches.  Our most challenging problems within data engineering require a good understanding of both computer science and math (especially linear algebra and probability)
Build out scalable data pipelines on top of AWS infrastructure.  Understanding Terraform/Ansible is a plus here, but experience with the AWS stack is necessary (especially Elastic Beanstalk and EMR)

Above all, the data engineering we do at H1 is code-centric, not tool-centric.  ETL tools like Talend, Informatica, and the like are all great, but our use case is much more about data analysis than it is about moving and joining data together.  For this reason we’re looking for candidates who are comfortable in the Scala/Spark framework.


    • Design, develop, and implement the pipelines and needed infrastructure that brings our data to life and powers our solutions.
    • Automate and harden the technology maximizing for speed, efficiency, resiliency and repeatability without manual intervention.
    • Partnering closely with data experts to reveal insights and grow the value of our data.
    • End to End data deployment from inception to customer consumption.
    • Cross teaming with the broader engineering and product teams to collaborate and bring winning solutions to market with accuracy and agility.


    • 3+ years AWS expertise
    • Expert experience with Spark , JSON and Github
    • Strong experience with Airflow, Scala and Python
    • Experience with Databricks a plus
    • Experience supporting data science teams
    • A relentless passion for automation, performance and security
    • Curiosity about the data and a willingness to really dive into the data sources and a desire to truely understand the ins/outs and strengths/weaknesses of the data while at the same time respecting the H1 Insights data experts experience and business logic
    • Experience with building a customer facing Data lake
    • Strong Math skills
    • Ability to communicate and distill information in various forms such as reports to H1 data experts for analysis and tech implementation refinement
    • A relevant degree or job related experience

Benefits and Perks

    • Health Insurance (Medical and Dental)
    • Unlimited Vacation/Paid Time Off
    • Paid Sick Days
    • Dinner on our corporate Seamless account
    • Stocked fridge and cabinets full of snacks and drinks
    • Stock Options
About H1:
Founded in 2017, H1 is a global healthcare technology company that brings the data to the pharmaceutical industry. We use technology and design to bring our clients action-driven content, which provides comprehensive and strategic insights to drive decision making. We believe in taking risks and challenging the status quo by continuously innovating and improving. Our team is made up of passionate engineers, scientists, designers and more that work together to make the impossible, possible.
Headquartered in New York City, with offices in the UK and India, H1 is changing the way drugs infiltrate the market. H1 has been named to the top 100 healthcare technology companies to watch in 2019. Visit to learn more about us.