Chief Technology Officer

Greater New York City Area
Engineering – Engineering Manager
In short, we are looking for someone to lead our technology team.

What we do want:
- Someone who doesn't make excuses, but executes
- Someone who has the passion, dedicate, and ability to take a engineering team from 10-->25-->50-->75 people
- Someone who can design the technology roadmap
- Someone who can define best practices, processes, and guidlines for our engineers to follow
- Someone who can operate at a execute level and interact with executive peers
- Someone who knows how to balance technical risk with business requirements
- Someone who is able to recruit and train top engineering talent
- Someone who knows what it takes to build a successful start-up
- Someone who has a vision for themselves to be the CTO of a billion dollar healthcare AI company.

What we don't want:
- Someone who is looking to code all day
- Someone who won't take complete ownership of the top to bottom engineering organization: every technical decision, architecture engineering mistake. If it is your team, you are accountable.
- Someone who just wants a job
- Someone who won't work on weekends when the work is needed.
- Someone who is looking for a 9am-6pm job.
- Someone who isn't comfortable with the ups and downs of a start up