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Hadrian builds software-defined high-precision component factories for the top aerospace companies in the world. We are in search of individuals with the drive to augment manufacturing, helping enable our engineers to build complex, yet elegant software as well as machinists who have a passion for pushing the trade forward.

Position Overview

As a CAM Programmer Joining the CAM Operations team at Hadrian, you’ll be reporting directly to the CAM Programming Manager, and will have direct responsibility over producing CAM packages and CNC Programs for highly complex, close tolerance components. You will play a critical role within the company, sitting at the crossroads of manufacturing and software R&D. This role is instrumental in developing and testing the processes and technologies we’re developing that are needed to move the manufacturing industry forward, and truly manufacturing the future for our customers. 

Central responsibilities include generating precise CNC programs that align with our programming standards and procedures, directly contributing to the success of your teammates within CAM Execution while contributing to our manufacturing knowledgebase through the generation of highly reliable, well executed CAM files, and efficient programs at a rapid pace. 

The ideal candidate will possess an analytical mindset, viewing challenges as opportunities for improvement and innovation within the Computer Aided Manufacturing. They will systematically address and solve these challenges while contributing to Hadrian's knowledge base, covering tooling, application processes, workholding design, and manufacturing methodologies. Additionally, they should enrich our culture through proactive communication, teamwork, and carry themselves with the upmost integrity.

Key Responsibilities

    • CAM Program and Component Process Deployment:
    • Generate CAM files with detailed manufacturing intent, strictly adhering to Hadrian's design principles, aiming to rapidly produce two CNC programs per week.
    • Craft clear, comprehensive work instruction documents suitable for all skill levels, specifically designed to empower individuals with minimal experience in machine tool setups to achieve success.
    • Internal Product Development:
    • Generate CAM files with detailed manufacturing intent, strictly adhering to Hadrian's design principles, aiming to rapidly produce two CNC programs per week.
    • Craft clear, comprehensive work instruction documents suitable for all skill levels, specifically designed to empower individuals with minimal experience in machine tool setups to achieve success.
    • CAM Process Optimization through Internal Feedback Integration:
    • Actively seek out and incorporate feedback from team members and technical staff to boost productivity and refine machining programs and overall CAM process procedures.
    • Create repeatable output across the production of hundreds of units, utilizing Partner teams’ feedback in the pursuit of continuous improvement opportunities.
    • Identify applications process gaps, trends, and problems and rigorously communicate to CAM Process Designers, proposing integrations and/or revisions to deployed applications processes.
    • Report Factory bugs and general workflow issues as you see them, placing the upmost importance on rapidly communicating issues or challenges faced daily. No matter how small they are perceived to be. 
    • Rigorously identify gaps in the application process, trends, and issues, communicating these findings to CAM Process Designers for integration or revision, and reporting any factory or workflow problems immediately, regardless of perceived significance.
    • Fixture Design and CAD Modeling:
    • Design and model 3D fixtures conforming to Hadrian’s fixture design standards, utilizing the Siemens NX CAD platform and embracing advanced fixturing design processes (e.g., 3,2,1 locating, Poka-Yoke error proofing, master modeling, equation-driven design) for creating efficient, robust fixtures.
    • Adhere to industry-standard CAD design tree practices and follow internally developed workflows to facilitate smooth work transitions to colleagues.
    • Software Proficiency:
    • Operate within the HyperMILL and NX environment efficiently, utilizing best practices while fully utilizing Hadrian’s automation suite for design and program creation in an effective manner.
    • Maximize the use of Hadrian’s Co-Pilot CAM integration throughout the CAM Programming process, fully leveraging it daily. 
    • Effectively utilize a variety of communication tools such as email, messaging applications, Microsoft Office suite, etc.

Basic Qualifications:

    • Proven experience in programming 3 and/or 5-axis CNC machine tools within a production environment. of high-tolerance precision components.
    • Prior involvement in the aerospace sector or similar industries with stringent requirements.
    • Knowledge of safety procedures, quality standards, and tool selection is essential.
    • Average understanding of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T).
    • Capability to interpret data (such as CMM reports), identify trends, or tools needed to gather understanding of dimensional instability, and apply insights to enhance the manufacturing process.
    • Proficiency in integrating probing routines within CNC programming, while understanding the inherent limitations of standard in-situ measurement practices, showcasing the ability and knowhow to work around those limitations.
    • Understand basic software architecture, in the vein of first blush problem solving.
    • Demonstrated ability and willingness to try new things, adopt new to industry approaches, having the vision and discipline necessary to push through development scenarios within an operational setting.  Ultimately achieving outcomes considered impossible by others. 
    • Demonstrated commitment to integrity while facing difficult production challenges and debugging issues. Valuing action and team centric solutions over anything else. 

Nice to Have Skillsets:

    • Ability to develop and utilize custom prototype macros, re-use repositories, and special functions for optimizing CNC machining processes and/or CAM Operations workflows. Proficiency in additional programming languages used in manufacturing for data analysis or automation is highly beneficial.
    • Skills in manufacturing data analysis, and software’s aiding this analysis, used to identify patterns, trends, and inefficiencies in the manufacturing process. Understanding of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics is highly desired.
    • Being a forever student of the trade. Maintaining awareness and understanding of current trends, technologies, and foundational practices such as Industry 4.0, IoT, Artificial Intelligence applications within manufacturing, and lean principles. Adaptability to evolving technologies and processes is fundamental to Hadrian’s mission.

Success Factors and Illustrative Examples:

    • We evaluate all factory employees' performance using the following success factors. The examples provided illustrate how these factors are applicable to the role of a CAM Programmer:
    • Intelligence: Find signal and prioritize in an environment with high variability.
    • Example: Analyzes complex machining requirements and optimizes CNC programs to improve efficiency and reduce cycle times.
    • Autonomous: Create targeted and pragmatic goals for individual workstreams that tie to larger business outcomes.
    • Example: Sets personal benchmarks for program delivery that support the overall objectives of reducing machine time and increasing throughput.
    • Fair/Predictable: Understand the importance of standardization of people and physical processes.
    • Example: Advocates for and applies consistent programming practices, which enhance predictability and reliability in the manufacturing process.
    • Decisiveness: Drive quick decisions and action instead of remaining stuck in analytical hell or analysis paralysis.
    • Example: When confronted with a programming challenge, swiftly decides on a course of action that mitigates the issue with minimal disruption to production.
$100,000 - $175,000 a year

To conform to U.S. Government space technology export regulations, including the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) you must be a U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident of the U.S., protected individual as defined by 8 U.S.C. 1324b(a)(3), or eligible to obtain the required authorizations from the U.S. Department of State. Learn more about the ITAR here.