Software Engineer (1-3 years experience)

LA, SF or Remote /
Software Engineering /
Full Time
Hadrian - Manufacturing the Future

Hadrian builds autonomous, software-defined precision component factories that help our customers make Rockets, Satellites, Jets & eVTOLs 2x faster and cheaper.

Getting precision components on time, quickly is the #1 problem for customers in the Space, Medical Devices, Fusion, Semiconductor, Defense & Carbon Removal industries - a $60B market in the US alone.

We are hiring our founding team of 20 - join our growing team of 8 with deep Space, Manufacturing & Software experience to build the factory of the future and lay the groundwork for a Spacefaring, post-scarcity, carbon neutral world.

Our tech already makes us >50% more efficient than legacy competitors and we need you to help us build, automate and launch Factory v1.

We just raised one of the biggest seed rounds of all time, and we're lucky to be backed by Founders Fund, Lux Capital, Construct Capital & our customers (who make rockets and satellites).

About the FactoryOS team & this role

Hadrian's FactoryOS ("Flow") is the backbone of our operations, automating everything from customer paperwork, to supply chain operations, to resource scheduling, error handling, hardware data integrations, quality inspection processes & more. 

We're looking for a software engineer who understands 3D space, has strong C++ / C skills, has built user interfaces before, and has a passion for automating manual processes.

Reporting to our lead engineer in the CAD / CAM team, you'll built out backend logic and simple workflows to automate CAD, CAM and logistics processes. This role is a chance to get in on the ground floor of Hadrian as we transform the Space industry and American manufacturing.

In this role you will

    • Build backend logic to automate CAD / CAM / workflows using our CAD API in C++
    • Build UI using our workflow builder (we built a custom interface builder for our platform)
    • Work with the best Aerospace CAD / CAM operators, understand their workflows, and build tools to save them time
    • Contribute to Hadrian's roadmap and product priorities
    • Work with and get exposure to technical domains such as Applied Operations Research, Computational Geometry, Robotics and Factory Automation

This might be a good fit if you

    • Hardworking and hungry to dig into challenging problems and build a lot of software, quickly
    • Want to maximize your learning and get into the Space industry
    • Good understanding of C++
    • Have used low-code tools before, or are willing to learn our low code framework for building UI, fast
    • Have A++ mental horsepower and plasticity
    • Get a kick out of Manufacturing, Space, Defense and our mission
    • Happy at the intersection of hardware and software
    • Enjoy detail oriented work that will form the backbone of our factory
    • Strong general computer science and algorithms background
    • 1-3 years experience, ideally building complex B2B or B2C software

Nice to have (or excited to learn! you don't have to possess these to be a great fit.)

    • Understanding or context of manufacturing (Mech Eng or similar)
    • Internal tooling or B2B workflow experience

What we offer

    • Autonomy in how you execute, work with the best Advanced Manufacturing team in the US.
    • Work on something that actually positively impacts the Space Industry, The Country, and Humanity's future
    • Coaching from Senior engineers who invested in Hadrian that have built Factory APIs/ data layers before
    • Big equity grants
    • Platinum Healthcare, Vision, Dental, Life Insurance
    • Stipends for relocation, home office and/or flights to LA
    • Interact with our customers who are building Rockets, Satellites, Jets & Drones
    • Exposure to Tier 1 VCs and Angel Investors
    • If you quit Hadrian to start your own company, we'll invest and help you fundraise
    • Fame & Glory
Because this role interacts heavily with the physical world, you will want to be within 2 hours flying time from LA to be successful (eg: SF Bay Area, LA or similar)

We're building Factory #1 in LA, and for software engineering, this means we run a hybrid-remote structure.
You can choose between;

1. Relocate to LA (we'll help you cover expenses)
2. Work remote or in our SF office, but fly into LA for ~2/8 weeks average.

We're looking for the best, and the best usually come with some career twists and turns.
Please apply even if you don't think you're a textbook perfect fit - we care more about skills, attitude and output than the school you went to (as an example).