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Who we are

We're building a prayer and meditation app. One that is authentically Christian and Catholic, while at the same time a resource for anyone looking to grow deeper in a relationship with God. We believe that people are hungry for peace, and that there is no surer way to find it than by learning to sit in silence with Christ: “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest” (Mt 11:28). 

Our goal is to build something truly great. Something that combines the beauty of the Church’s spirituality with world-class product and content execution.

We launched the app in December of 2018 and have been blown away with the incredible growth & traction. Hallow has been downloaded over 10 million times with over 200,000 5-star reviews. We're blessed to be backed by some of the best mission-driven investors in the world and are excited to build out the team to help a lot more folks grow closer to God.

We are a startup. We move quickly and take big swings. We are a small and fast moving team and each person is responsible for making an impact. It is hard work, but also deeply meaningful. We’d be honored & humbled if you’d consider joining us. 

Tldr: We are looking for someone with contract lifecycle management experience to help us partner with the best mission-driven individuals and organizations in the world. This person will be absolutely critical in shaping partnerships in all of our core international markets.

What You’ll Do

    • Ownership and Autonomy: You'll join the international team in building our most important strategic and content partnerships. You’ll take the lead on contract and licensing outreach and seeing negotiations through to the end.
    • Coordination and follow-through: We will look to you to be the manager of our contract lifecycle at Hallow. From drafting and re-drafting to redlining and signing, you’ll be the subject matter expert who will make sure it all happens, consulting with Hallow leadership and our legal team when necessary.
    • Building relationships: You'll be the face of Hallow externally to many of our partners, and it'll be critical for you to build great relationships with them. We want Hallow to be a place where creators are incredibly excited to work together with us on the mission of prayer. 
    • Enablement: You'll help lead a lot of the production tasks required to pull content projects together. This will include coordinating recording sessions with talent as required. (This role may require some travel or to be virtually present for recordings and talent sessions.)

What You’ll Love

    • Mission: This work is incredibly humbling. Every day we hear amazing stories and we get the pleasure of working on something that’s impacting lives.  
    • Ownership: You’ll own the whole partnership process, from the first email on which we connect with a partner to recording the content in the studio. You’ll also serve as a cross-functional partner, especially for our content and marketing teams.
    • Growth: From day 1, you’ll be a part of the startup journey. We’ll need your help to drive continuous improvement in our partnership processes as we seek to grow and scale our app and experience for an international audience.
    • Flexibility: HQ will be in Chicago and we would love to have as many team members there as possible, but we are completely flexible on location. This role needs to be located within the United States.
    • Comp: We will pay competitive market rates in terms of equity, cash, and benefits.

What We're Looking For

    • Passion: First & foremost, we’re looking for someone excited about our mission. It makes it a lot more fun :) 
    • Experience: You enjoy working with partners and building strategic relationships, and have at least 2 years of experience in contract and/or licensing negotiations. Experience in a legal field (e.g. as a paralegal) is a plus. You are an English speaker; bonus points if you also speak any of our main languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Filipino, French, German, Italian).
    • Grit & detail-oriented: Life at a start-up is tough and we really care about what we’re doing. You'll be coming into a fast-moving team, so perseverance and attention to detail, and getting the little things right will be incredibly important. Project management skills and a strong sense of ownership will be key, especially for your project-based work.
    • Flexibility & adaptability: You should be driven to see the job through. We don’t care about when and where you work as much as we care about whether or not you see the job through to completion on or ahead of schedule.
$85,000 - $120,000 a year
The above range only includes cash compensation. Each full-time employee in the US also receives significant equity compensation, which has the potential to be the biggest economic benefit of joining Hallow, alongside a top-tier benefits package (e.g., unlimited PTO, insurance, remote-flexible work, fully paid parental leave, 401(k) match, and stipends for health & wellness, home-office, and learning).

The above range for cash compensation will be split between a base salary and target annual bonus. These ranges are just initial estimates. They may vary depending on market or location and may be adjusted depending on the person we end up hiring for this role, their experience, and market dynamics.

We are honored that you'd consider joining the team and look forward to connecting with you.


Alex at Hallow
CEO & Co-Founder