Android Developer (Flexible with Remote Work)

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Full Time (Flexible with Remote Work)
Who we are

We're building a Catholic meditation app. Think Calm or Headspace, but for prayer. We believe that people are searching for peace & spiritual growth, and that there is no surer way to find it than by learning to sit in silence with God: “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest” (Mt 11:28). Our goal is to build something that combines the beauty of the Church’s spirituality with truly world-class tech & design.

We launched the app in the Apple and Google Play stores in December of 2018 and so far we’ve been humbled with incredible growth & traction. We've been downloaded over 1.5 million times and have over 40,000 5-star reviews. We're blessed to be backed by some of the best VC investors in the world and are excited to build out the team to help a lot more folks grow closer to God.

Tldr: We are scaling up our dev team quickly and looking for someone who can join our product growth team & help code the Android version of the app (in Kotlin).

What You'll Do

    • Build the app: Build a best-in-class native Kotlin mobile app to help our users pray and meditate around the world
    • Build out the product: Implement designs, interfaces, and animations into our app; build out the next versions of our community functionality allowing users to interact with one another; lead the Android dev for the product-led growth pod
    • Optimize: Architect frameworks for allowing A/B testing of content, fine-tune media streaming to enable our content to be accessible worldwide

What You'll Love

    • Mission: This work is incredibly humbling. Everyday we hear amazing stories and we get the pleasure of working on something that’s impacting lives. One of our favorite user quotes: “I hate quoting an old, overused cliche, but I’ve been very lost. And I think for the first time in a while I may be found.”
    • Ownership: You’ll report to Chris, our VP of Engineering, and will work on a very small dev team that owns the entire Android version of the app
    • Growth: You’ll get to journey with a VC-backed Silicon Valley startup from the beginning. When the company is this small, every employee is a core team member who is expected to help build the company as a whole as we settle into a culture and continue to expand the team.
    • Flexibility: HQ will be in Chicago with the full team and would love to have everyone there. That being said, we’re super flexible with location / hours; don’t care when or where you work just that it gets done.
    • Comp: We will pay competitive market rates both in terms of equity, cash, & benefits. 

What We're Looking For

    • Passion: First and foremost, we’re looking for someone excited and passionate about our mission. It makes it a lot more fun to actually care about what you’re working on!
    • Experience: A foundation of 2+ years of experience in Kotlin and Android development in general; experience working on other apps that use ExoPlayer or media streaming; an attention for detail with regards to design and crafting user interfaces; knowledge of application architecture and design; experience building reactive applications that interact with live content
    • Grit & Detail-Oriented: A start-up is tough and we really care about what we’re doing. You'll be jumping into a brand new role in a fast moving team, perseverance and attention to detail are important.
We are so incredibly humbled that you're considering joining the team.


Alex J
CEO & Co-Founder