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Who we are

We're building a Catholic meditation app. Think Calm or Headspace, but for prayer. We believe that people are searching for peace & spiritual growth, and that there is no surer way to find it than by learning to sit in silence with God: “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest” (Mt 11:28). Our goal is to build something that combines the beauty of the Church’s spirituality with truly world-class tech & design.

We launched the app in the Apple and Google Play stores in December of 2018 and so far we’ve been humbled with incredible growth & traction. We've been downloaded over 1.5 million times and have over 40,000 5-star reviews. We're blessed to be backed by some of the best VC investors in the world and are excited to build out the team to help a lot more folks grow closer to God.

Tldr: We are scaling up our school & parish sales team and looking for an amazing lead generation specialist to join our early team!

What you'll do

    • Build a Pipeline of Potential Schools & Parish Partners: We've just recently launched new programs for Catholic schools and parishes to help strengthen our local communities' mental and spiritual health. Your primary responsibility will be finding potential partners and starting the conversation around how we can support them.
    • Lead Outbound Prospecting: Your job will be centered around finding teachers, principals, pastors, and parish staff that may be interested in bringing Hallow to their communities. You'll do this through a mix of list building, cold outreach, referral inquiries, and co-marketing partnerships.
    • Create Inbound Interest: We want Hallow to be the leading tool for those responsible for teaching the faith and to help those they serve develop a personal relationship with God. You will help us create educational and experiential content (e.g., webinars, free downloadables, how-to blogs) to help potential partners discover Hallow and to help them navigate bringing Hallow to their community.
    • Help Improve Our Sales Process: We are in the early innings of building our school and parish sales process. You will play a critical role in testing different tactical approaches to lead generation and helping us refine both our ideal customer profile and improve our sales cycle efficiency.
    • Be a HUGE part of Hallow’s Growth: Your work will directly impact Hallow’s ability to grow to millions of people praying around the world. 

What you'll love

    • Mission: This work is incredibly humbling. Every day we get amazing stories and get the pleasure of working on something that impacts lives. One of my favorite user quotes: “I hate quoting an old, overused cliché, but I’ve been very lost. And I think for the first time in a while I may be found.”
    • Ownership: You’ll be creating the first impression for Hallow with leaders in Catholic schools and parishes across the country. There is nothing more exciting than supporting those directly responsible for the next generation of Catholics developing a personal relationship with God. 
    • Growth: From day 1, you’ll be a part of the startup journey. Over the next year, we’ll build out the company significantly, and we’ll need your help in building a global network of community partners.
    • Flexibility: HQ will be in Chicago and would love to have as many team members there as possible, but you will be responsible for building relationships across the country so we are flexible on location.
    • Comp: We will pay competitive market rates both in terms of equity, cash, & benefits. 

What we're looking for

    • Passion: First & foremost, we’re looking for someone excited about our mission. It makes it a lot more fun :)
    • Creative & Curious: Standard cold calling down a list of stale, irrelevant prospects isn't fun (for either the person calling or the person being called) and it isn't very effective. We are looking for someone who can come up with creative ways to identify high potential leads and start meaningful conversation about how we can support them. Thinking outside the standard sales process "box" is a must
    • Process-Oriented: The key to building a scalable sales organization is having repeatable processes that are consistently being optimized. An "A/B testing" and "funnel building" mindset is critical.
    • Metrics-Oriented: Success in this role will ultimately mean measuring and optimizing efficiency to have a quick and high-converting sales cycle. Data will be at the center of that process
    • High Energy: A sales process is an equation that translates effort into results. There are over 20,000 Catholic schools and parishes in the United States. We want to get to know all of them and we will need to work hard to meet them all and serve them on an ongoing basis.
    • Resilience: Not every communication leads to a sale and very few are automatic "yeses" on day 1. Being able to keep the same energy and enthusiasm in the face of frequent rejection is an absolute must.
    • Collaborative & Detail-oriented: We really care about what we’re doing & try to build as fast as we can. In order order to provide a world-class experience to our partners while moving quickly across multiple relationships, we need to document all of our internal and external activities. Clear and consistent written communication is paramount.
You can find more details on our school program here and our our seasonal parish plan here.

We are so incredibly humbled that you're considering joining the team.


Alex J
CEO & Co-Founder