German and/or French Language Audio Engineer (Contract, Part-time, Remote Work)

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Who we are

We're building a Catholic meditation app. Think Calm or Headspace, but for prayer. We believe that people are searching for peace & spiritual growth, and that there is no surer way to find it than by learning to sit in silence with God: “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest” (Mt 11:28).

Our goal is to build something that combines the beauty of the Church’s spirituality with truly world-class tech & design.

We launched the app in the Apple and Google Play stores in December of 2018 and so far we’ve been humbled with incredible growth & traction. We've been downloaded over 7 million times and have over 150,000 5-star reviews. We're blessed to be backed by some of the best VC investors in the world and are excited to build out the team to help a lot more folks grow closer to God.

TLDR: We're building the world's #1 Catholic prayer and meditation app and are looking for a mission-driven, detail-oriented audio engineer who’s excited to edit and engineer a high-fidelity, spoken word-oriented audio experience in German and French!

What We're looking for

    • Experience: The key here is someone who has a firm grasp on audio production, esp. on the post-side. The role will be focused on the first stages of post-production, so knowing the software & what to listen for is essential. Experience using RX or other audio repair software would be beneficial (we use Logic Pro X as our DAW but can accommodate other DAWs).
    • Language: You must be a fluent speaker of either German or French, preferably with native or near-native fluency in one of both languages. Experience praying, recording, or editing Catholic prayers is a plus.
    • Grit & detail-oriented: We care about what we’re doing & try to build as fast as possible. Since we’re guiding our users in meditation, the audio has to be as clean as possible with minimal distractions, and we need to go the extra mile as a team to create a suitable space for our users to grow in their faith.
    • Passion:  Last but not least, we’re looking for someone excited about our mission. It makes it a lot more fun :)

What You'll do

    • Work directly with Lead Audio Engineer and Content Team: We have been editing, mixing, and mastering all audio (2000 hrs+ of spoken word) with a small team of engineers. You’ll be joining the team as the engineer for all of our German and French content, and will work directly with the entire content team to help create a world-class audio experience.
    • Analyze and sort recordings: You’ll be the first set of ears on new recordings. You’ll pick out the best takes, remove unwanted audio, and piece together the best single net. You’ll have a huge hand in what the final product sounds like.
    • Edit recordings: You will take the best take and guide it through to the mixing stage. You’ll work heavily in Izotope Rx (or similar), removing noise, clicks, pops, hum, breaths, and other unwanted artifacts. We want the cleanest possible end product, and you’ll be the first line of defense.
    • Assist with mix & master: The more ears, the better. You’ll help us to fine-tune mixing & mastering so we can provide Hallow members with the optimal audio experience.
    • Take charge with German and French: You’ll work closely with our Western Europe Content Lead, leading the charge on the audio front to help us give our users the best audio in the world.

What You'll love

    • Mission: This work is incredibly humbling. Every day, we get amazing stories and the pleasure of working on something impacting lives. One of my favorite users quotes: “I hate quoting an old cliche, but I’ve been very lost. And I think for the first time in a while, I may be found."
    • Ownership: You’ll be a huge part of our audio process. There’s nothing more exciting as an engineer than creating something beautiful, pristine, and moving; we strive to do that every day. 
    • Growth: From day 1, you’ll be a part of the startup journey as we seek to grow and scale our app and experience for an international audience!
    • Flexibility: This is a remote position.
    • Comp: The rate for this work is USD $20-35/hrs, dependent on experience. This is a contract position that does not offer health or medical benefits. We expect this work to provide 40 hours per week for your first two months and part-time/surge operations (0-30 hours/week) after that.
We are so incredibly humbled that you're considering joining the team.


Alex J
CEO & Co-Founder