Senior Software Engineer

San Francisco /
Engineering & Product /
Our stack:
- Microservices
- NestJS (NodeJS + TypeScript)
- ReactJS + ReactNative
- MongoDB

Why this would be an exciting opportunities for you:
- We're small team - you'll be one of our first engineering hire.
- Your work will move the needle.
- We're not just another software company. We're building solutions to solve real world problem, creating employment opportunities for one of the most underserved demographics in America.
- You won't be just coding all day. You will be part of operations - understand various aspects of the business. We believe in a well grounded engineer.
- We're have a roadmap to build many industry-first features. The technical challenges are abundant if you're looking for it.

Why this might NOT be a good fit for you:
- If you're looking for a first job out of bootcamp. Our team is small and we are building a more experienced team to execute. We don't have the luxury of resource at the moment to train someone who is new to Node.JS or React.
- We're small team. We don't have everything figured out. Don't expect to have a process for everything you do or asked to do.
- Things changes quickly in startup work. We do our best to plan our work but things can change. If you're not a fan of being flexible and adaptive, this might not be for you.
- Fast paced, take risk.
- We won't ask you to write code that last forever. We will ask you to architect and build things that can accomodate changes 6-12 months down the road.
- Self driven / most of the time, you'll be remote. We have an office in the Bay Area but most of our staff are remote.