Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack

San Francisco, CA

About Haven

Haven is the SaaS-based technology company that thoughtfully advances global trade.

Global trade has grown beyond human scale. Increasingly complex routes and higher stakes demand more efficient systems. Haven believes open collaboration and access to information are key to enabling faster, smarter, and more reliable freight shipping. That’s why we build powerful technologies to foster improved communication between companies, decrease trade roadblocks, and mitigate the inherent risks in global trade. Haven is built for companies that ship large volumes of cargo in need of a powerful, easy-to-use tool that allows them to negotiate, ship, and track across thousands of providers and destinations through a single unified platform. We are machine-scale global trade.

Senior Software Engineer

As a full-stack senior software engineer at Haven you’ll flex your superior engineering skills and impressive architectural acumen to transform global trade. You’ll join a team of crazy smart engineers to remake the industry that moves 90% of all physical goods in the world. Day to day you’ll be a coder working on our platform using the StrongLoop/LoopBack application framework built on top of NodeJS and Express, with an AngularJS UI . You’ll embrace our lean approach towards product and development and jump aboard the MVP, test, iterate weekly or multiple times per week dev/release cycle.

About You

•   Product minded
•   Smart, efficient coder 
•   Experience with Node.js and Angular
•   Strong software design & architectural skills 
•   Entrepreneurial thinker 
•   Experience with agile, scrum, lean development 
•   Amazon AWS experience a plus! 
•   Strong Unix Skills (Have you compiled the kernel? points++) 
•   Basic to Intermediate DevOps knowledge (calculate the netmask of a /27? Awesome!) 
•   A friend to the product managers & designers of the world


•   Yearly Travel Bonus 
•   Unlimited vacation policy; work hard and take time when you need 
•   Excellent health care plan (medical / dental / vision) 
•   401(k)​