Associate Digital Marketer, University Graduate 2020

Los Angeles, CA
Programs – Hawke Media Associate Digital Marketing Program /
Full-time /
Application Deadline: December 1, 2019

The Hawke Media Associate Digital Marketing Program is a 2 year entry-level rotational program designed to develop the next generation of leaders within digital marketing. Through training, mentorship, and rotating assignments within various departments at Hawke, ADMs will gain a unique view into how we customize data-driven, performance-focused solutions to help launch, scale, and invigorate businesses of all sizes. 

A little bit about Hawke’s ADM Program:
All associates will complete a 1 year rotational program across different service teams followed by 1 year in a single channel based on preference, client needs and manager approval. We offer 2 rotational tracks and are as follows:

1. Media Buying, Lifecycle Marketing, Internal Marketing
2. Content, Creative, Strategy

Who will be successful in this role?
We are looking for an ADM that demonstrates analytical aptitude and creative intuition with a never ending desire to grow and learn. Having an understanding of marketing principles is expected and will set you up for success. Come ready to adapt and thrive in a fast paced and changing environment. 


You must be a graduating senior to apply to the 2020 Associates program and provide the following documents. Failure to upload any of these documents will result in exclusion for consideration from the program. Note all responses to prompts should be 500 words or less. 

-Answers to 2 prompts
-Track preference 


Prompt 1: What piece of content or digital campaign have you seen recently that made you feel connected to a brand? How? Why? Alternatively, in the context of social media, what does engaging with integrity mean to you?

Prompt 2: “Because some people see a wall, and assume that’s the end of their journey. Others see it, and decide it’s just the beginning.” - Angeline Trevana. Tell us about a time you created something from nothing. How did you grow from the experience?

Prompt 3: “Normality is a fine deal for those who have no imagination.” - Carl Jung. Pose a question of your own. If your prompt is original and thoughtful, then you should have little trouble writing and impressing us readers. Invoke your inner dreamer, philosopher, boundary-pusher, social commentator, etc.