Operations Manager

San Francisco, CA
Full Time
POSITION DUTIES: Geozoning Inc. DBA HealthSherpa has an opening for an Operation
Manager. The position of Operation Manager is responsible for overseeing the operations
team including Accountants and Operations Associates. Incumbent is required to create
and maintain an automated book of business and commission reconciliation, leveraging
scripting knowledge to do so. Applicant must also be versed in Business concepts such as Lifetime value, business cycles (effectuation, retention) in order to utilize the Book of
business created to assist the company in creating additional value. Applicant must distil
large quantities of data to create visuals and dashboards to track operational processes
and assist top level management in decision making (Excel, R, Python, Online
dashboards etc.). In addition, assist with market research (both primary and secondary
market research, see description below) and product improvement by adding and testing
additional product lines. Responsible for project completion and technical
implementation of new product offerings.

REQUIREMENTS: Employer will accept Master’s degree in Business Administration,
Computer science or a closely related field of concentration plus 3 years experience in
job offered or related occupation
Education or Experience must include:
- Excel
- R
- SQL and PSQL
- AWS configuration
- Market research and implementation of product improvement based on analysis of
- overseeing team of professionals
- email marketing
- customer engagement and retention

Employer will accept any suitable combination of education, training and experience.

JOB LOCATION: attn George Kalogeropoulos, 95 3rd St, suite 259, San Francisco 94103

WHERE TO APPLY: attn George Kalogeropoulos, 95 3rd St, suite 259,

San Francisco 94103