Senior GNC Engineer - Simulation & Model/System Integration

Atlanta, GA
Engineering – GNC /
Full-time /
Hermeus is an aerospace and defense technology company founded to radically accelerate air travel by delivering hypersonic aircraft. The company aims to develop hypersonic aircraft quickly and cost-effectively by integrating hardware-rich, iterative development with modern computing and autonomy. This approach has been validated through design, build, and test of the company’s first combined turbojet-ramjet engine and is now being scaled through its first flight vehicle program, Quarterhorse. Hermeus is also developing Darkhorse — an uncrewed hypersonic aircraft designed to deliver unique asymmetric capabilities to the warfighter.

The GNC Engineer will be responsible for: 
1) 6DOF high fidelity simulation environment + development 
2) Supporting the development efforts on advanced guidance, navigation and control systems for our aircraft, as needed.   

The successful candidate will work closely with our team of engineers and stakeholders to ensure that our aircraft meets safety, performance and efficiency standards. The Simulation and GNC Engineer will also be involved in modeling and simulation activities to evaluate the performance of the aircraft and optimize its design.  


    • Spearhead 6dof high-fidelity-simulation development platform needs and model-system-integration efforts 
    • Conduct simulation studies to assess the performance of the aircraft and optimize its design  
    • Communicate and collaborate very closely with cross-functional teams on model integration, sub-system integration and simulation testing/verification capabilities. 
    • Running and conducting Monte Carlo simulations, as well as regression testing and test coverage scenarios. 
    • Design and develop guidance, navigation, and control systems for our aircraft using advanced techniques and tools  
    • Develop and implement flight control algorithms and strategies to ensure safe and efficient flight operations  
    • Conduct flight testing to validate and refine the performance of the aircraft's GNC systems  
    • Collaborate with other engineering teams to ensure that the aircraft meets safety, performance and efficiency standards  
    • Participate in the development of system-level requirements and specifications  
    • Prepare technical reports, presentations and documentation related to GNC engineering activities  


    • Bachelor's with 5+years of experience, Master's + 3years of experience, or PhD 1-2years of experience in Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical or related Engineering field  
    • Strong understanding of Model integration, Simulation, 6dof high fidelity sim structure, GNC technical domains, including Guidance, Navigation, Controls, and Modeling and Simulation  
    • Experience with high fidelity simulation platforms, models, sub-systems, SW system integration, flight control algorithms and strategies. 
    • Experience with deployment and handling of AWS instances, and cloud infrastructure for simulations. 
    • Proficiency in MATLAB, Python, familiarity with Julia, and other modeling and simulation tools  
    • Experience with flight testing and data analysis. 
    • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills  
    • Strong communication and teamwork skills  
    • Passion for aviation and the development of advanced aircraft technologies  
$150,000 - $180,000 a year
If you are a skilled GNC Engineer with a passion for aviation and are looking for an exciting opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology, we encourage you to apply for this position. We offer competitive compensation, benefits, and the opportunity to work in a dynamic and innovative startup environment. 


We encourage you to apply even if you have skillsets and experience outside of our current needs as we're always open to connect and discuss future opportunities.