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Bangalore, India
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About Hevo:

Zepto, Shopify, Doordash, Curefit, Napster, Groww, Cars24, and thousands of other data-driven companies have one thing in common. They all use Hevo Data’s fully managed Automated Pipelines to consolidate their data from multiple sources like Databases, Marketing Applications, Cloud Storage, SDKs, Streaming Services, etc.

We are a San Francisco/Bangalore-based company with 2000+ customers spread across 40+ countries in domains such as e-commerce, financial technology, and healthcare.

Strongly backed by marquee investors like Sequoia Capital, Chiratae, and Qualgro we have raised $43 Million to date and are looking forward to our next phase of hyper-growth!

Why Do we exist?

    • Data is the foundational block for all cutting-edge technologies - Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics. However, business users often struggle to access accurate and reliable data. Data operators often spend hours in manually consolidating data across 100s of software instead of deriving business-relevant insights. Automated data consolidation helps decision-making faster, unlocking exponential growth and delivering a superior customer experience.

    • Founded in 2017, today, Hevo enables close to 2000 companies across 40+ countries to be data-driven. Hevo Pipeline is a no-code platform that consolidates data from 150+ data sources, such as Databases, SaaS applications, Advertising Channels, etc., to get a unified business view.

    • Product Demo:

What you’ll own as Senior Product Designer at Hevo:

    • As a Senior Product Designer you should have a strong understanding of user-centered design and be proficient in all aspects of the design process. You will collaborate with various stakeholders including product managers, engineers, and users to create intuitive, user-friendly designs for our cutting-edge data integration solutions. You will own and solve the most challenging problems for your teams. 
    • UX Design and Execution
    • Own the User Experience (UX) design of complex workflows for technical customers, tackling projects of large scope and complexity. 
    • Engage in all aspects of the design process, from research to ideation to execution.
    • Design Communication and Documentation
    • Utilize User Journey Maps, Wireframes, Interactive Prototypes, and High-Fidelity mockups to communicate design ideas and direction. 
    • Document, review, and present clear and compelling design ideas to a broad range of stakeholders.
    • Project Management and Coordination
    • Prioritize design projects using agile methodologies and maintain project alignment through roadmaps, deadlines, and stakeholder reviews. 
    • Collaborate with engineers and product teams to test, evaluate, and iterate on product features.
    • Design Evaluation and Iteration
    • Monitor and analyze data to evaluate the efficacy of existing interfaces, and adapt designs based on these insights. 
    • Iterate on design solutions based on feedback or analytical data.
    • Design consistency and System Development
    • Create designs that adhere to and extend the existing style guide and design system. 
    • Contribute to a growing design system to ensure a cohesive look, feel, and user experience across the entire Hevo Dashboard.
    • Team Collaboration and Culture BuildingFoster a team culture of transparent collaboration. Advocate for accessibility in design, encouraging product and engineering management to prioritize accessible features and bug fixes.

What you’ll bring to the table

    • Strong background in UX design for enterprise products.
    • Experience in solving complex user problems through user research, interface design, creating mockups and prototypes (low and high fidelity), and documenting interaction patterns for product UI.
    • Skilled in explaining your work, process, and decisions to cross-functional stakeholders and crave feedback to produce your best work.
    • High experience design bar and product sense demonstrated by past work or by having informed and clear views on various products in the market.
    • High proficiency in using software such as Figma, Adobe Suite, etc.
    • Experience with creating and maintaining a design system to be used across the products and other verticals.
    • Expert knowledge of current design & prototyping tools and trends.
    • Excellent communication skills to articulate your design decisions to internal stakeholders at different design stages.

Key elements needed to Succeed in this role

    • Design Expertise: Demonstrate strong design skills and proficiency in design tools. 
    • User Focus: Prioritize user needs and deliver user-centric design solutions. 
    • Collaboration and Communication: Work effectively with cross-functional teams and communicate design concepts clearly. 
    • Leadership and Mentorship: Exhibit leadership skills and mentor junior designers. 
    • Adaptability and Problem-Solving: Be adaptable, proactive, and find creative solutions to complex design challenges.
    • Business Understanding: Understand business goals and align design decisions accordingly. 
    • Continuous Learning: Stay updated with design trends and embrace a mindset of continuous learning. 
    • Attention to Detail and Quality: Maintain high design standards and ensure attention to detail in every deliverable.

Ideal Candidate Persona

    • 4+ years of experience and expertise in product design, with a compelling portfolio.
    • Demonstrated leadership and collaboration skills.
    • User-centric mindset, prioritizing user needs and experiences.
    • Strategic thinking, aligning design decisions with business goals.
    • Creative problem-solving abilities and innovative thinking. And excellent communication and presentation skills.
    • Continuous learning mindset, adaptable to new technologies and trends.