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About Hevo
Hevo is a simple, intuitive, and powerful No-code Data Pipeline platform that enables companies to consolidate data from multiple software for faster analytics.
Doordash, Footlocker, Arhaus, Santander, and thousands of other data-driven companies have one thing in common. They all use Hevo Data’s fully managed Automated Pipelines to consolidate their data from multiple sources like Databases, Marketing Applications, Cloud Storage, SDKs, Streaming Services, etc. We are a San Francisco/Bangalore-based company with 2000+ customers spread across 45+ countries in e-commerce, financial technology, and healthcare. Strongly backed by marquee investors like Sequoia Capital ,we have raised $42 Million to date and are looking forward to our next phase of hyper-growth!

Why do we Exist?At Hevo, our mission is to enable every company to be data-driven. We started on this journey 4 years back and as the first step in this direction, we built our first product – “Data Pipeline” or simply “Pipeline”. Hevo Pipeline is a no-code platform that helps companies to connect all their sources of data within the company to get a unified view of their business. The platform offers integrations with 150+ data sources such as Databases, SaaS applications, Advertising Channels, etc. Today, we enable close to 2000 companies across more than 40+ countries to be more data-driven. Our aim is to make the technology so simple that anyone should be able to solve their data problems and not be limited due to their lack of technical skills.

Product Demo:And our customers love us - Hevo is rated at top on g2 crowd in the Data Pipeline space. Here's a quick glimpse of the product:

The Post-Sales team at Hevo is looking for a driven and customer-focused Technical Account Manager (TAM) to serve as a main contact point for Hevo’s largest and highest-profile customers. You will have responsibility for partnering with a small number of assigned accounts, maintaining a continual focus on the customer’s business goals to improve their overall technical and operational health and realize the maximum value out of their Hevo investment. The Technical Account Manager maintains awareness of the customer's key events, needs, potential risks, and value drivers.

What will you do

    • Develop and manage relationships with key customers to understand their top business goals and priorities, act as an internal authority on your customer's key value drivers and needs, and act as an internal point of contact on your customer to Hevo teams.
    • Inform and train clients in the product’s proper use to enhance the customer experience and improve satisfaction.
    •  Act as an advocate for customers during the triage and coordinate with respective Hevo teams for resolution of high severity cases to assist with the timely resolution of these issues.
    • Additionally, cooperate with the sales team to refine the sales process and ensure customer loyalty.

What are we looking for

    • Understanding of the Database Administration / Data Replication domain.
    • 5-10 years of experience in a relative field.
    • Understand data integration principles, connecting diverse data sources to a warehouse.
    • Proficiency in SQL is vital for querying and manipulating data.
    • Cloud platform familiarity (e.g AWS, GCP, Azure) is essential, as Hevo often pairs with them.
    • Knowledge of databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle is crucial.
    • Experience with API integration and JSON/XML data formats is helpful.
    • Proficiency in data transformation tools like Python, R, or warehouse-specific tools is valuable for data cleaning and enrichment.
    • Should have a knack of Problem solving and debugging.
    • Experience on networking, security, performance concepts required. 
    • Comprehend data quality best practices for accurate, reliable integrated data.
    • Understand data warehousing concepts, including modelling, schemas (e.g., star, snowflake), normalization/denormalization, and optimization.