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About Hevo
Hevo is a simple, intuitive, and powerful No-code Data Pipeline platform that enables companies to consolidate data from multiple software for faster analytics. 

Hevo powers data analytics for 2000+ data-driven companies across multiple industry verticals including DoorDash, Shopify, Postman, Cox Auto, Neo4J, Arhaus, and Groww. By automating complex data integration tasks, Hevo allows data teams to focus on generating actionable insights and driving their businesses forward.

We are on a mission to build deep technology, but extremely easy to use, products for global customers. We are a 200+ strong team majorly based out of Bangalore. We are also building customer facing teams in the US.

We have grown well since our inception. In the last 2 years, our customer base and revenue has grown 3x, and we will grow at a similar pace in the coming years. We are backed by marquee investors like PeakXV (formerly Sequoia India), Qualgro and Chiratae Ventures. 

Hevo is a high impact work culture supported with strong foundations of our operating principles. If you are seeking a place to make a lasting impact, while working with A+ players, then Hevo is the place for you.

What You’ll own as Director - Strategy and Operations at Hevo

If you aspire to be a Founder, CEO, or COO, then this is the role for you. You will co-pilot several strategic initiatives and day-to-day operations with the CEO and functional leaders. You will get a first-hand view of what it means to steer a high growth tech company. It will involve highly rational decision making, independent thinking and intense discussions on matters of high impact. This experience will certainly set you up What You’ll own as Director - Strategy and Operations at Hevo for leadership/CXO roles at Hevo and other high growth companies.

You will own needle moving outcomes across all the major functions which will help us unlock growth and improve operational effectiveness. Some examples include - helping Marketing find new channels to scale leads, helping Sales improve conversions, helping Recruitment improve our quality of hires etc. Typically, you will pick-up problems which couldn’t be solved by functions themselves. 

You will also own the growth and development of the Strategy and Operations team. You will be responsible for ensuring the S&O team is engaged, aligned to Hevo values, and is delivering to the best of their ability.

Job Responsibilities

    • Define and Execute on Strategic Initiatives :Work with the company leadership to identify strategic initiatives that have a high impact on business growth.Define clear problem statements, define measurable outcomes, identify leading metrics, build project plans, identify stakeholder dependencies, manage project execution and deliver tangible outcomes for the projects identified above. 
    • Drive Executive-level Operations:Partner with the leadership team to drive business and OKR planning.Work with function heads to track progress on the key operating metrics. Provide a timely pulse on the health of the organization to executives. Highlight the areas that need attentionFacilitate effective decision-making (where needed) throughout the organization by generating actionable insights through data.
    • Drive founder’s office and key roles hiring:Set-up and/or re-validate the existing hiring processes for key roles and new teams.Evaluate candidate submissions and conduct interviews (case study and work history).Work with the Recruitment team to solve tactical and structural problems, and ensure we meet timelines and scope.
    • Be a mentor and leader to the Managers/Snr. Managers:Critically examine the work output of Managers/Snr. Managers to ensure quality (in depth of thinking, reasoning and communication) before it is discussed with the CEO and senior leadership of the company.
    • Ensure growth of the S&O team and members by -Nurturing good working relationships with the team and being radically candid.Conducting regular 1-1 sessions with the team and providing feedback on strengths and areas of improvement.
    • Helping and guiding the team members on how to improve on their areas of improvement, and ensuring that the needle keeps moving in the right direction.Ensure that the company culture, values and principles are integral parts of the team’s ways of working. Also act as an ambassador of the culture, values and principles through day-to-day actions.
    • Planning and Investor Relations:Own the preparation of the annual operating plan. Work with different functions to thrash out revenue and cost details, and get stakeholder (founders and board members) buy-in.
    • Own the agenda and artifacts of the quarterly board meeting, and drive the board meeting.

What you’ll bring to the table

    • High level of First Principle Problem Solving - You must be good with Data, Analytics, and Reasoning. You should be comfortable in breaking down a new problem (which you would have not seen before) into fundamental elements and conclude on each of those elements.

    • Ownership - You will own the problem and can ensure that the problem gets solved no matter what. This requires high accountability toward the results and a no-excuses mindset.

    • Outwork and Outsmart - Ability to solve problems with high operational rigor and intensity.

    • Independent Thinker - You have an independent point of view on things which is based on all the inputs that you have analyzed. You should be able to build your own conviction and have the courage to take calls based on that conviction.

    • High-Agency Mindset - You should have the mindset to work your way through the challenges by convincing and influencing folks to be aligned toward the company-wide objective.

    • Executive Presence - Carry yourself confidently, and be comfortable in presenting to or debating with the senior leadership.

    • People Skills - Extremely good in cultivating good working relationships within and outside the team, especially with the founders and functional leadership.

    • Ability to keep Confidentiality - As a viewer of sensitive financial information, you need to hold utmost confidentiality around data and board deck slides. This is true for discussions around people matters as well. Having a strong moral compass and trustworthiness are essential to this role.

Best fit persona

    • 9+ years of relevant experience in Management Consulting, Project Management Office, Founder’s Office/Chief of Staff roles or Strategy & Operations.