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Today, successful software companies have two ways to support and finance their growth: the VC path, and the self-financed profitable path. For software companies that can’t or do not want to bootstrap, but haven’t managed to stay permanently on hyper-growth, the VC path is a dead-end.

At Hexa Scale, we’re on a mission to solve this: offer a new alternative to fund and scale software companies towards exponential growth.

We believe that there are great software companies, still early stages in the 1-10m€ ARR range, that sit on amazing markets with a great product, but that require a few changes to unlock their potential.

We believe that by providing them with capital and strong operational leverage, we can put them on the right trajectory, towards category-leading exponential growth. Our full manifesto.

Hexa Scale's first project is officially live 🔥

We are looking for a late co-founder/CEO to lead our latest project back to the path of hypergrowth:

    • A SaaS with a global footprint
    • On track to 5m€ ARR
    • Located in Brussels 🇧🇪 (back to Hexa’s origins!)
    • With great potential in the US 🇺🇸
    • A huge market, and a lot of room to create a global category leader.