Part-Time Bingo Host

San Francisco, CA
VR Experiences
Have you ever dreamed of hosting your own game show? Well look no further! High Fidelity is looking for a high energy and witty person to host an ongoing Bingo Game show in Virtual Reality. High Fidelity is a Social VR platform, enabling people from around the world to meet in shared virtual spaces anytime, anywhere. No prior experience is needed and we have all the gear available in our office located downtown San Francisco. Successful candidates will be funny, entertaining, and willing to learn new technology with patience and humility.  

This is a part-time position with a flexible schedule. Must be able to travel to our downtown San Francisco location at designated show times.


    • Local to the San Francisco Bay Area
    • Not afraid of new technology
    • Funny/witty and able to entertain a crowd
    • Flexible schedule
    • Able to be in Virtual Reality for at least an hour
High Fidelity has developed an open-source application for building and deploying virtual environments (domains) to desktop and server computers. The virtual domains are designed to be social and interactive, meaning they allow for the real-time addition, rearrangement, and gross modification of 3D assets in a hosted environment being used simultaneously by multiple users. Our goal is to deploy an open, flexible platform for a variety of VR applications rather than a specific, narrow VR experience.

High Fidelity has approximately 75 employees working in engineering, product management, and customer development. We are a close knit group focused on building a genuinely free and permissionless solution for virtual reality. We are based out of offices in downtown San Francisco, California and Seattle, Washington. We'd love to learn more about your experience and how you can make our project a success.