Part-time Egyptologist

VR Experiences
High Fidelity is looking for trained Egyptologists or graduate students familiar with archaeologist site "Queen Nefatari's tomb" to act as docent and educator for a virtual reality project. The project is anticipated to run for at least three months and involve weekly scheduled presentations to online students and learners. This position does not require on site presence in our San Francisco office.

A New Vision for VR
High Fidelity is a distributed, open-source social virtual reality (VR) software platform anyone can use to create and share VR experiences. Users can create and host their own VR world, explore other worlds, meet and connect with other users, attend or host live VR events and much more.

The infrastructure we’re building will collapse distance and remove barriers, making virtual life an integral part of how people learn, work, and enjoy themselves. As the distinctions between our digital and physical lives disappear, we see the unique, immersive aspects of VR as a reaffirmation of the most human elements connecting us all together.  We’re building an Internet-scale technology to support a billion users around the world as VR becomes the “next screen” to dominate human discourse and interaction.

About the Role
This position represents an opportunity to participate in the evolution and future development of museum education and docent work. High Fidelity is a social virtual reality platform, enabling people from around the world to meet in shared virtual space. This project is intended as a demonstration of the ability for trained educators with specialized skills to share their knowledge with engaged learners from anywhere around the globe.

Required Background:
Intermediate to expert background in archaeology with an emphasis in Egyptology, the Valley of the Queens, and Queen Nefertari's tomb 
Ability to convey information and answer questions to groups of up to 25 
Comfortable with technology, particularly PC hardware

This is a part-time position. The successful candidate will be able to offer a consistent weekly schedule for classes in virtual reality.