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About Us:

High Fidelity is a real-time communications company whose mission is to build technologies that power more human experiences in today’s digital world. Our Spatial Audio service delivers a richer, high quality experience that’s more enjoyable for people to use because it more closely mimics how we listen to sound in real life. High Fidelity’s Spatial Audio enables listeners to identify and understand multiple sounds or voices occurring at the same time coming from different locations. The API is incredibly easy to use and implement; our technology processes audio inputs in the cloud and delivers a single, mixed-stream back to each listener, which allows for minimal bandwidth requirements.  High Fidelity’s audio is used for virtual events, VR, social audio, collaboration, games, and more.

High Fidelity’s incredible, synchronous, live spatial 3d audio technology is designed and built by professional musicians and streaming media pioneers. Our API allows anyone to easily develop beautiful sounding applications.

At High Fidelity, these four principles guide everything that we do--how we work together as a team and how we design and build people’s experience with our technology:


For more information on each of these, please visit our website’s team page. 

About the Position:

High Fidelity is looking to hire a senior WebRTC developer for our remote audio API. We use WebRTC extensively and are looking for someone who is familiar with the WebRTC source and has significant experience with C++ and multithreaded solutions. We want to hire someone for the long-haul to make sure this foundation is incredibly solid. The right person has the skills, drive, ambition, and determination to help us make High Fidelity more reliable. This is a senior-level position in a small

Day to day responsibilities:

Review and contribute to our C++ implementation of WebRTC to identify performance issues and
 implement best practices
Implement new features as needed
Optimize our existing implementations of WebRTC with an eye for platform and browser performance
Suggest solutions for any struggles or issues that we encounter with any of our WebRTC
implementations, including iOS, Unity, and others  
Advise on and document general concepts of and best practices around WebRTC

Qualifications and Experience:  

You have substantial experience building things with WebRTC. Ideally, you've built some sort of native app rather than just using the version compiled into browsers.
You are an expert at programming in C++. You’re unintimidated by the idea of reading (and forking, and modifying!) WebRTC’s C++ codebase.
You are excited about the idea of shaving 1-10ms off of our latency, or 10% off of our CPU usage. What’s more, you’ve done that sort of work before and you are confident you know how to go about tackling optimization problems.
You have some experience with Typescript / JavaScript and Node.js.
Bonus Points: You have WebRTC experience on iOS, Android, or Unity

Skills, Abilities and Knowledge:

You have experience dealing with audio devices, and want to help us prevent the phrase “I can hear  
 you, can you hear me?” from ever being uttered.
You're not afraid of digging into RFCs or academic papers.
Low-level internals excite, rather than scare you.
You have experience collecting stats on and monitoring WebRTC-based connections.
You’re excited about building out our monitoring infrastructure so we always know how connections
  are going in the real world.
Bonus Points: You’ve had patches accepted into WebRTC.
Bonus Points: You read the discuss-webrtc mailing list.

High Fidelity Perks!

Work fully remote, in lovely 3d spatial audio (we swear your ears will thank you!)
Awesome medical/vision/dental package 
Smart, engaged co-workers who value time with co-workers and aid in each other’s growth
Flexible paid time off (PTO) program
Please include the following in your application: a cover letter, resume and salary requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you!