Senior Product Manager

Delhi / Bangalore

Hike’s mission is to reimagine messaging as 1 billion people come online on mobile devices that are faster and more powerful than the first set of PC's. It is our belief that messaging will do to mobile what browser did to desktop, only 100 times over. Hike today has over 100 million users and monthly messaging volume of 40 billion and is amongst the top 5 most used services in India.

Job Description
As a Product Manager you use a combination of outstanding analytical skills, business judgment, and strategic thinking to innovate and create world-class products and experiences. You have technical expertise and business understanding and work with cross-functional teams to build loveable products.
.  You establish a shared vision by building alignment on priorities leading to product execution.
.  You manage the product development process from conception through design, release and iteration.
.  You leverage usability studies, market research and analysis and translate them into requirements that enhance user satisfaction.
.  You lead initiatives to drive user feedback/ research, acting as a ‘voice of the customer’.
.  You ensure that product decisions are based on strong logical rigour and in-depth analysis. 
.  7+ years experience in delivering highly successful and innovative consumer Internet products with stellar design taste and product instincts.
.  A computer science undergraduate degree or equivalent and hands-­on software engineering experience.
.  Ability to break down complex problems, identify use cases and solutions that can be reused across multiple areas.
.  Self-­starter who thinks creatively and laterally to create a product that is central to the success of the business.
.  Experience with developing mobile products, technologies and platforms are strongly desired.
.  Used A/B testing and/or similar methodologies to conduct experiments to validate hypotheses.
.  Experienced in handling 2-3 large features/products in different stages of development.
.  Exceptional data analysis skills with strong attention to detail.
.  Ability to provide clear direction, set measurable goals and give insights on industry trends.
.  Outstanding written and oral communication skills and great team player.