Machine Learning Scientist

About Hike:

Founded in 2012, At Hike, Our Mission is to reduce people’s dependency on the keyboard. In a country like India with 20+ languages and dialects, the input is a big problem.
Built with Machine Learning at its core, Hike aims to make conversations simple and expressive by suggesting the Right Sticker at the Right Time.

At hike, we bet on young people and surround them with a great culture and an excellent environment. You will get access to great colleagues and a fast learning curve.

Some of our Core Values:

    • Operate like a Pro-Sports Team (Outcomes > Egos):  Pro sports teams are built to win games and Championships. That’s our goal
    • Be Customer Obsessed: Always work backward from what the customers want. Talking to customers, for example,  is a great way to get out of our heads and put all the theories running wild in our minds to test
    • Obsess to Simplify: It is very easy to make things complex , but very complex to make things very simple. We realise complexity is a trap and strive to avoid it
    • Hustle. Progress > Perfection: Just keep moving and aim for the 1% improvements every day

Skills & Qualifications for this Role:

    • B.Tech/M.Tech/PhD from a reputed institution. Masters/ PhD is preferred
    • 3-8 years of relevant experience applying machine learning, statistics, text-mining, social network analysis, information retrieval, information extraction, AI, deep learning etc
    • Strong depth and breadth of knowledge in different areas of data mining as well as reasonable programming and design skills to manipulate Big Data and build prototypes that work on massive datasets
    • Work experience in an Internet company preferred
    • Strong programming experience in at least one of the programming languages such as - Python, C/C++, Java, Scala
    • Experience in using tools such as Scikit-Learn, Spark MLlib, R, Weka, GATE, Cluto, Solr. /  Lucene, ML-Pack, Vowpal Wabbit, LibSVM, Mallet etc
    • Peer-reviewed publications at top international conferences/ journals in fields related to data mining, knowledge discovery and machine learning is a plus
    • Experience in handling big data technologies such as Hadoop/ MapReduce, Spark, HBase, Cassandra, Storm, Hive, Pig etc. is a plus
    • Exceptional problem-solving skills and strong business/ product thinking

Roles & Responsibilities:

    • You create intelligent and highly relevant experiences in our products that wow our users
    • You analyse peta-scale data to train ML models and evaluate them with the right metrics
    • You work with engineers to create ML pipelines that process and mine massive scale data
    • You partner with product managers to make data driven decisions and help solve the right problems for our users
    • You champion the culture of experimentation and enable the team to live the Hike code