Front-End Developer, Design Systems

London, UK
MagicLab – Frontend

MagicLab is the group behind products like Badoo, Bumble, Chappy and Lumen. By joining us, you’ll be working on some of the top dating and social brands in the industry. The features we design and build are delivered to millions of people across the globe. The company was founded in 2006, and since our launch, we have grown exponentially. Across the group, we have offices in London, Malta, Moscow and the United States. This role will be based in London.  

The Team
The design system team is currently made of a UI Web Engineer, that works full-time on the system, a designer, working part-time on the system, plus other native iOS/Android Engineers, also working part-time on the system. We have now opened two new specific positions, one for a Design System Designer, and the current Front-End Developer for Design Systems, to create a cross-functional team 100% dedicated to Cosmos. You will work with a group of amazing and talented people, aiming to take the system to the next level of its evolution.

The Design System
Our design system - called “Cosmos” - is a mature system (three years old!) that works across multiple products (Badoo, Bumble, Chappy, Quack) and platforms (web, iOS, Android). Cosmos plays a central role in the design of the UI of our products: it involves not only our designers, but also many developers from multiple teams, and has the full support and buy-in of the management.


    • Manage, update, and evolve our design system across multiple products and platforms.
    • Be actively involved in defining the strategy for the system, in the short/medium/long term
    • Work and collaborate on a daily basis with the other people involved with the design system
    • Build tools that improve the design and development process across the whole company
    • Build tools that provide documentation and usage guidelines for components and patterns 
    • Evangelise our design system, advocate for component-based approaches and architectures 
    • Improve the “experience” of our stakeholders (designers, developers, product managers, etc.)


    • Good knowledge of JavaScript, both on the browser and Node.js environment
    • General understanding of how build systems works (eg. Webpack, Rollup,  etc.)
    • General knowledge of web UI development (HTML/CSS)
    • Good knowledge of React (or similar approach to web components)
    • Ability to understand third-party APIs (eg. Dropbox or  Sketch/Figma) and integrate them into existing systems 
    • Prepare tech analysis, specifications, and implementation plans

    • We consider these as a plus:

    • Previous experience with a design system or UI component library
    • Basic knowledge of how a modern design tool works (Sketch or similar)
    • Knowledge of TypeScript
    • Proactivity, independence, and autonomy Systematic thinking and problem-solving skills
    • Comfortable in working with different teams (designers, iOS/Android developers, PMs, etc.)

What you will do…in the first weeks:

    • Get familiar with the Cosmos design system: its website, where the existing components are collected, showcased and specified; its React UI component library, consumed by the Badoo Mobile Web application; its build system and the process to deploy the Cosmos resources; the existing pipelines used to generate and automatically distribute design tokens and assets/icons.
    • Start to collaborate and work side by side with the other people involved in the Cosmos team: the design team, the front-end development team, the native iOS and Android teams
    • Acquire a general knowledge of our products (Badoo, Bumble, Chappy, Quack, etc.), our design patterns and visual components, and our design and development processes (requirements, tickets, flow, etc.)

What you will do…in the first months:

    • Take part to the re-design and re-implementation of the Cosmos website (it’s an ejected Create React App, similar to Styleguidist or Storybook, but more complex and customised)
    • Take full ownership of the automation pipelines, the website implementation/build/deploy system, and all the other design-integration related tools
    • Optimise the build and deploy processes for the Cosmos website and assets/tokens resources 
    • Together with the rest of the Cosmos team, define backlog, tasks, and short/medium-term objectives
    • Together with the designers and the developers, identify possible automations and improvements in their working process, 
    • Prepare tech specifications and plans for tools that can facilitate these automations

What you will do…in the first year:

    • Build the tools and plugins according, previously planned and specified (while keeping an open eye for possible improvements/changes). Just to give an example, this is what we’re currently evaluating: 
    • Keep on the radar new design tools, emerging technologies, other design systems’ evolutions, in case there’s anything useful/interesting for us in terms of plugins, pipelines, systems, etc.
    • Explore new ideas/approaches/technologies to understand if it’s possible to improve the existing tools or imagine even better tools, pipelines, plugins, etc. for our system
    • Together with the rest of the Cosmos team, imagine the long-term vision for the system