PHP Developer - Server Team

London, UK
MagicLab – Backend
MagicLab is seeking an expert PHP Developer to help in the ongoing development of our large scale web application. This role will be focused on backend coding and database design, and will require your participation in the development process from design through to deployment and support. 


    • Participate in a creation of a very large scale web application (PHP/MySQL, millions of users, over 1 billion dynamic requests to the backend daily) and see the results of your efforts in a matter of days
    • Write backend code and design databases (no client-side coding required)
    • Actively participate in the whole process of development, from initial design to deployment and support
    • Proactively communicate with colleagues to refine application design
    • Suggest and implement high-tech, innovative solutions
    • Optimise web applications, look for bottlenecks and, as and when necessary, implement visualisation and monitoring systems


    • Proven web application development experience
    • Good knowledge of PHP Experience in relational databases and SQL, preferably MySQL
    • Understanding how to optimise and fine-tune web applications that use MySQL or other external data sources
    • Knowledge of *nix console environment
    • Good computer science and internet technology background
    • Strong will to learn new stuff
    • Words like caching, sharding, replication, reliability are familiar to you
    • Russian Language - both verbal and written is required
Why MagicLab?

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