Venture Partner at Heartbeat Labs (m/w)

Heartbeat Labs – Venture Development
Heartbeat Labs is a platform for digital health startups based in Berlin. We build, grow and invest in pioneering healthcare companies. Our agile teams combine entrepreneurs, medical specialists and technology experts. Together they combine the experience of having found more than 20 successful internet companies that have brought the advantages of digitization to industries such as financial services (Finleap) and advertising (HitFox Group).

Now it is the perfect time to get involved in the fast-growing yet still underserved digital health landscape, while still maintaining the first mover advantage. In light of recent regulatory developments, the German health market is ripe for disruption. As a Venture Partner (m/f) you have the one-of-a-kind opportunity to be part of the initial team and participate in reshaping the German health industry. 

Your role

    • Right from the start, you take full ownership and responsibility within one (or more) of our new healthcare startups and act as Interim Executive within newly founded startups
    • You fully own and oversee the build-up of new startups of Heartbeat Labs including development of the business model, strategy for its execution and implementation of it until you recruit the team driving the startup forward
    • You identify key opportunities within the fast-moving Digital Health industry
    • You shape the overall strategy of Heartbeat Labs and its portfolio companies and help to build up Heartbeat Labs as attractive platform for Healthtech entrepreneurship
    • You are involved in the idea generation process and help to identify and analyze new business opportunities within the fast-moving digital health industry
    • You work closely with all Heartbeat Labs incubator-functions (Technology/HR/Finance/Venture Development/Regulatory/Legal) in order to build up successful ventures in the digital health vertical
    • You build and maintain relationships with healthcare companies and other key institutions and players in the market 
    • You recruit, develop and lead a world-class team within a performance and people-driven culture and utilize your network for attracting further talent
    • You potentially take over responsibility in one of the ventures as a long-term executive

Your profile

    • You set very high standards for your work
    • You are highly self-motivated to deliver a very strong performance in every aspect of your work
    • You take ownership of your responsibilities and are able to self-reliantly finish your objectives
    • You come with a great healthcare network and reputation and will fully leverage this for the success of our startups
    • You are willing to go above and beyond your expertise and aren’t afraid of rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty
    • You will be able to both retain a good high-level and strategic view of the market requirements as well as working into the details of product definition and monitoring its implementation
    • You have good people skills and communicate well
    • You are detail oriented where needed and have excellent prioritization skills
    • You will quickly be able to successfully lead teams 
    • You are able to take the right decisions to quickly move forward within a fast-paced business environment
    • You do not engage in any “politics” and optimize results for the company and whole group 

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