Frontline Business Lead

Strategy & Operations
Who we are

At Emi Labs we are transforming the recruiting experience into an easy, human and fair process, for both candidates and companies with high-volume job openings. Emi, our main product, is an A.I. recruitment assistant that enables companies to engage in a conversation with each applicant to detect interested and qualified individuals.

We save recruitment team’s time by automating steps such as sourcing, screening and scheduling. This enables recruiters to reach hiring targets by focusing on qualified candidates and giving them a tailored experience. On the other hand, all candidates are taken into account for the job and are given an equal opportunity by being assessed on their actual fit for the job.

We were part of Y-Combinator's Winter 2019 batch.

What you'll be doing
As part of a multi-disciplinary team of operations, technology and customer success, you’ll be our product expert, responsible for leading the relationship with one of our big clients (companies), helping their recruiters get the most of Emi.
Your goal is to provide end users (recruiters) with as many tools as possible to increase our platform’s usage. Therefore, you’ll have to learn how they work, what their biggest pains are, monitor their usage KPIs, to develop strategies, tools and processes to deal with the natural status quo resistance on new technology implementation. Our customers’ satisfaction and success stand on the Frontline Lead’s work, you’ll be the core of our business.
Doing things that don't scale will be a core part of the job. We are building a product for a category which doesn't exist. We believe that the best way of creating scalable processes around the delivery of our solution is by being hands-on, learning, designing based on that experience and then executing in-scale with the lessons learned.
Frontline Leads are expected to contribute to the overall winning strategy by generating product insights to add to our product roadmap. You’ll report directly to the Country Manager.
What we look for in candidates to excel in this position
·         People driven, being able to empathize with our end users (recruiters), understanding their concerns and motivations and adapting Emi to fit their needs. You need to be 100% customer centric.
·         Fast learner, to be able to perform quick analysis and develop strategies to increase Emi’s performance for our clients
·         Product owner, you’ll be given freedom to manage relationships with our clients’ users, create processes, strategies and change our product. Therefore, you must be a person who is passionate about leading and taking ownership of things.
Growth opportunities
Emi is a very dynamic and new startup where growth opportunities are there for the taking! Frontline Leads are the future leaders of our company. You’ll become a product and end-user expert, which is the core knowledge to develop a career for strategic areas inside the company. The mid-term career-path for this position includes becoming a Team or Product Manager or starting a career in the Sales team. 


    • +1 yr of work experience
    • Bachelor degree in Engineering, Business or Economics
    • Entrepreneurial drive 
    • Analytical skills
    • Great people skills
    • Being a fast learner
    • Experience at startups is a plus
    • Coding skills are a plus
    • Customer experience in SaaS is a plus
    • Consulting experience is a plus