NLP Engineer

Buenos Aires
Data Science
Who we are

At Emi Labs we are making the recruiting experience as easy, human and fair as possible for both candidates and companies at high-volume job openings. Emi, our main product, is an A.I. recruitment assistant that enables companies to engage in a conversation with each applicant to detect interested and qualified individuals.

We save recruitment team’s time by automating steps such as sourcing, screening and scheduling, freeing recruiters to focus on qualified candidates and converting hires. At the same time, candidates are all given an opportunity and are evaluated on their actual fit for the job.

We were part of Y-Combinator's Winter 2019 batch.

What you'll be doing

We are looking for a NLP Engineer to help us create natural language processing data products that will help us be better at tasks like Named Entity Recognition, Text Classification and Dialog & State Tracking.

The NLP Engineer would be part of the Artificial Intelligence team, directly interacting with the Engineering and Product Development Teams in a young startup environment.

We especially value the ability to handle data from different data sources (PostgreSQL, APIs and MongoDB mostly) and to make decisions based on notions of return on investment, understanding the business impact of our work.

The AI team works mostly on Python (jupyter notebooks, sklearn, pandas, fastai, flask), so experience with these tools is largely valued. In particular, experience with transfer-learning in NLP and with NLP specific libraries (nltk, spacy, fastai) is a great plus.

Main Responsibilities

    • Designing and developing new (and improving existing) NLP systems
    • Running tests and experiments to make data driven decisions
    • Implementing NLP algorithms as web services