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Interested in working at Emi Labs but don't see an open role that matches your background? We are always looking for humble learners and people driven professionals, who deliver with focus and have proactive ownership. Submit your resume if you want to join our team!

Who we are

At Emi Labs we are transforming the recruiting experience into an easy, human and fair process, for both candidates and companies with high-volume job openings. Emi, our main product, is an A.I. recruitment assistant that enables companies to engage in a conversation with each applicant to detect interested and qualified individuals.

We save recruitment team’s time by automating steps such as sourcing, screening and scheduling. This enables recruiters to reach hiring targets by focusing on qualified candidates and giving them a tailored experience. On the other hand, all candidates are taken into account for the job and are given an equal opportunity by being assessed on their actual fit for the job.

We were part of Y-Combinator's Winter 2019 batch and Khosla Ventures led our Seed Round.

Growth opportunities

Emi is a very dynamic and new startup where growth opportunities are there for the taking!
You will be part of a team with major impact in our company, facilitating internal and external operations. This enables new businesses and creates real customer value.