Country Founder

Latin America
Strategy & Operations
Who we are

At Emi Labs we are transforming the recruiting experience into an easy, human and fair process, for both candidates and companies with high-volume job openings. Emi, our main product, is an A.I. recruitment assistant that enables companies to engage in a conversation with each applicant to detect interested and qualified individuals.

We save recruitment team’s time by automating steps such as sourcing, screening and scheduling. This enables recruiters to reach hiring targets by focusing on qualified candidates and giving them a tailored experience. On the other hand, all candidates are taken into account for the job and are given an equal opportunity by being assessed on their actual fit for the job.

We were part of Y-Combinator's Winter 2019 batch.

What you'll be doing

You'll take complete ownership of a country to understand the specific pain points of the market, launch the first clients, set up local operations and build your team. At the same time, you'll be working alongside HQ to design the general Go-To-Market, Implementation and Growth strategy.

Country Founders are expected to act as founders, questioning business fundamentals and helping adapt our value proposition towards solving real pains. Doing things that don't scale will be a core part of the job. We are building a product for a category which doesn't exist. We believe that the best way of creating scalable processes around the delivery of our solution is by being hands-on, learning, designing based on that experience and then executing in-scale with the lessons learned, building teams according to these new processes.

You'll be expected to perform both quantitative and qualitative analysis, and use your conclusions to create decision-supported mechanisms that allowday-to-day operations optimization and answer important strategic matters. As you'll be touching multiple core areas, such as product, operations and strategy, you'll have an important role on commercial business functions as well as guaranteeing the smooth operation of the company.

The mid-term career-path of the position can be horizontal, launching multiple geographies, or vertical, taking ownership of a specific area.


    • +2 yrs in a top-tier consulting firm, Investment Banking, Venture Capital, Private Equity and/or in start-ups
    • Entrepreneurial drive and the ability to achieve goals in a fast-paced environment with limited resources
    • Bias toward action
    • Great people skills
    • Proven track record of professional achievements
    • Availability to re-locate in Latin America - at least at the beginning
    • Coding skills are a plus
    • Being an ex-entrepreneur is a plus