Jr. Data Analyst

Buenos Aires /
Data Science /
Who we are

At Emi Labs we are transforming the recruiting experience into an easy, human and fair process, for both candidates and companies with high-volume job openings. Emi, our main product, is an A.I. recruitment assistant that enables companies to engage in a conversation with each applicant to detect interested and qualified individuals.

We save recruitment team’s time by automating steps such as sourcing, screening and scheduling. This enables recruiters to reach hiring targets by focusing on qualified candidates and giving them a tailored experience. On the other hand, all candidates are taken into account for the job and are given an equal opportunity by being assessed on their actual fit for the job.

We were part of Y-Combinator's Winter 2019 batch and Khosla Ventures led our Seed Round.

What you'll be doing

Your main goal is to analyze, inspect and label our data. Therefore, you’ll have to learn how to dive deep in our datasets and databases. The role of the Data Analyst is important because you are a key part of making us data-driven by providing feedback to our models, and helping us build and grow our knowledge base.
You’ll report directly to the Head of Data Science.

Doing things that don't scale will be a core part of the job. We are building a product for a category that doesn't exist. We believe that the best way of creating scalable processes around the delivery of our solution is by being hands-on, learning, designing based on that experience and then executing in-scale with the lessons learned.

What we look for in candidates to excel in this position

- Humble learner, with a great ability to recognize and communicate where their blind-spots are, and eager to learn about new technologies to solve real problems.
- Ownership, because we want everyone in our team to take responsibility for the work and to look for constant improvement
- People driven, as a part of Emi, everything we do has consequences in candidates' lives, so caring about every person involved is fundamental.

Growth opportunities

Emi is a very dynamic and new startup where growth opportunities are there for the taking!
We are a very small Data Science team so now is the best time to jump aboard!


    • Inspection of candidate conversations in order to spot errors and opportunities
    • Analyzing customer's analytics and find useful insights
    • Manual tagging/labeling of conversations for NLP models
    • Building of our knowledge base


    • 1+ years of work experience
    • Fast learner
    • Analytical skills
    • Proficiency with excel