Freelance Writer (The Guide to Remote Work)

San Francisco, CA
About Us

Holloway is a new publishing and technology company in San Francisco that publishes comprehensive, practical Guides researched, written, and refined by experts.

We imagine a place on the web where depth, quality, and high-value writing are the norm. A place where experts’ ideas are accessible to anyone. Where thoughtful, inclusive, and well-written resources win over quick takes, self-promoting blog posts, and content marketing.

Our first Guide, The Holloway Guide to Equity Compensation, is now one of the most trusted resources on the web for navigating the swamp of challenges related to equity-based compensation.

Holloway is looking for exceptional freelance writers to develop sections for an upcoming longform, comprehensive guide to remote work. This guide will cover how to successfully build and support remote/distributed teams of knowledge workers at startups and high-growth companies. The ideal writer is passionate about helping people navigate complex, thorny topics, and can do so with empathy and respect. The project will kick off in December, 2019, with a completion target in late January, 2020.


    • Industry expertise: You have experience writing for sophisticated audiences that are knowledgeable about business, startups, and the tech industry.
    • Longform writing experience: You have in-depth writing you can show us—more than a few blog posts. You’re willing and able to work with an editor. You’re comfortable writing from your own base of knowledge and interviewing experts.

Is this you?

    • 📖 Research-oriented: You love learning. You can find all forms of prior work on a given topic, online and offline. You’re able to identify and reconcile conflicting information, including interviews you may conduct, with existing material.
    • 🧐 Thoughtfully opinionated: You’re able to incorporate and reconcile disparate opinions. You do not have an axe to grind. You can hold two principles in mind while writing at all times: helpfulness and technical depth.
    • 🔎 Rigorous and meticulous: You’re a thorough, logical thinker. You’re allergic to fuzzy thinking or circular reasoning. You care about precision and attention to detail.
    • 🕵️‍♀️ A journalist at heart: You love finding obscure sources that are deeply researched, and expert opinions that are undervalued. You’re also a skeptic and have a nose for what’s trustworthy. You don’t trust hype and want to see the facts.
    • 🙋‍♀️ Curious and persuasive: You like and are comfortable meeting experts to learn from. You’re able to engage, persuade, and elicit information one on one. You can get people to help out while being nice about it.
    • ✔︎ Efficient and reliable: You can time-box difficult and open-ended projects, and deliver on schedule.
Please review our Editorial Principles and our take a look at our Guide to Equity Compensation (as an example of the type of writing we're looking for) before applying. Thank you!