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Hologram builds technology to unlock brand new ways for self-expression and storytelling. Leveraging the latest developments in AI and 3D, our ecosystem of products empower people to create, equip, and immerse using digital avatars, wearables, personalities, voices, etc. on hundreds of social, gaming, or conferencing platforms.

As a founding art director at Hologram, you’ll be driving the 3D direction for the company. You’ll be working with a diverse group of artists and technologists to create immersive and unforgettable experiences for Hologram’s passionate early users. From ideate concepts with the founders to leading a team of 3D artists to bring those concepts to life, you’ll have high creative freedom and sense of ownership at every step of the way. 


    • Conceptualize 3D art initiatives in close collaboration with the Hologram founding team and its early users.
    • Establish art production pipelines in coordination with in-house or contracting team members
    • Provide oversight and direction in the form of reviews, critiques, and discussions to achieve the highest quality of artistic and technical standards
    • Foster a positive and creative environment for your team of artists
    • Recruit, vet, and onboard potential new members of Hologram’s art teams
    • Communicate with teams under Hologram’s external partnerships to align goals and coordinate deliverables
    • Engage with the Hologram community. Be responsive to feedbacks directly from the community and the team.


    • 4+ years of experience in creative advertising, entertainment, gaming, or tech industry
    • Expertise in creating hands-on 3D works in real-time rendering environments
    • Experience modeling, rigging, and texturing using Blender or other 3D art packages
    • Experience creating and optimizing 3D art pipelines
    • Experience with directing projects from start to finish
    • Experience working with and without concept art references
    • Online portfolio with 2D and 3D work
    • Genuine interest in the NFT space.
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Email: gm@hologram.xyz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tong0x