Food Safety & Quality Assurance Supervisor

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Operations – Food Safety/Quality
Home Chef is a rapidly growing meal kit delivery service, fueled by our customer-first mentality and incredible team. Our plant-based crew is the lifeblood of our organization, operating in a supportive environment that allows the workplace to feel like a home away from home.  Our work product is a testament to what collaboration, heart, and hustle can accomplish when combined. If you’re ready to be part of the action, we’re ready to connect with you.  There are no limits to where we can go together.

Summary of Responsibilities:

The Quality Assurance Supervisor is responsible for supporting the quality assurance functions within the company. It also includes a combination of supervision and active participation in the tasks to ensure that all products are consistent, of the highest quality, and meet all requirements.

We are seeking a Food Safety & Quality Supervisor for both 1st and 3rd shift.

Detailed Responsibilities

    • Supervisor Responsibilities:
    • Review QA sheets to ensure the necessary checks are being completed (including checks related to recipe card checks, portioning, meal bagging, and boxing)
    • Train QA Associates, QA Leads on GMP
    • Monitor QA standard sample bottles for accuracy
    • Ensure temperature checks were conducted on all coolers every two hours, review readings on charts outside of the coolers, bring any concerns to the Maintenance Manager.
    • Train, coach and empower QA Associates, coordinate team involvement, and implement process improvements to increase quality.
    • Conduct GMP audits on Ipad and submit twice per shift, notify production management of violations, and work together to have issue corrected.
    • Adheres to VIP box packing SOP (e.g. checks all ingredients in meal bags, inspects all meat for quality issues, double checks contents prior taping the box)
    • Immediately communicate with production management any process not meeting standard requirements, and work together with all necessary parties to resolve problems. This could involve with production management, team leads, production associates, and QA associates.
    • Document all issues on QA Supervisor Recap, work with FSQA Manager to resolve all issues.
    • Review meal assignments and display on whiteboard.

    • Core QA Functions:
    • A QA Supervisor demonstrates mastery of all core QA associate responsibilities, specifically:
    • Labeling
    • Performs visual inspection during labeling process (including bottles, jars, bags) for proper placement of label, correct name of product and/or ingredient per Q.A. sheets
    • Portioning
    • Issues correct Q.A. samples to production team leads/production associates prior to production, utilizing QA sheets to ensure correct portion amount for the specific ingredient being portioned
    • Issues the proper measuring equipment (i.e. scales, measuring spoons, measuring cups, spatulas, pumps)
    • Trains production team leads and associates on proper measurement using the equipment
    • Confirms the portioned amount with production team leads for each portioned ingredient prior to starting production (based on QA sheets)
    • Performs final verification of portioning and sign-off on portioning line prior to starting production
    • Conducts hourly visual inspections of portioned ingredients for accuracy (for critical ingredients, inspections must occur every 30 minutes)

    • Meal Bagging
    • Utilizes Q.A. Sheets to verify proper meal bag line setup: ‐
    • Verifies that all ingredients required for the meal are present
    • Confirms ingredient amounts with production team leads and associates (particularly for ingredients that require multiples)
    • Sign-offs on production sheets
    • Conducts hourly visual or physical inspections to ensure meal bag accuracy (by unpacking completed meal bag)
    • Maintains continuous watch over meal bagging line and helps to close bags at the end of the line
    • Performs random meal bag inspections to ensure produce quality and double check ingredient quantities on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

    • Shipping Line
    • All Lines
    • Verifies set up of line (meat, meal bags, recipe cards, box call outs) using boxing call out sheet prior to start of shipping
    • Communicates back to production team when errors are identified on the line
    • Visually inspects meat for quality (e.g. freezer burn, discoloration, broken seals) when serving in the role of protein QA
    • Understands and can conduct sanitation process for proteins that have fallen on the floor or have been otherwise exposed to potential sources of cross-contamination
    • Similar Line:
    • Verifies the setup of the line prior to each run, ensuring correct product is present, and initials similar sign off sheet with start time
    • Ensure correct pick quantity (e.g. 4 serving run) has been communicated to the production associates working on the line
    • Unique & Hybrid Lines:
    • Confirms correct proteins, meal bags, box call outs, recipe cards, and ice quantity have been placed in each box utilizing the pick ticket

    • Final Box Verification
    • Removes boxes systematically from each line and completed final box verification form. Documenting issues identified in the box as well which shipping line it was packed on
    • Provides feedback to production supervisor and or team lead running the shipping line when issues are identified
    • Corrects issues identified in boxes checked and ensures box is placed on pallet for shipping
    • Post-op Clean up
    • Collects all utensils (scales, dishers, measuring cups, measuring spoons, etc.) from the production floor, cleans and sanitizes utensils, and returns utensils to proper storage location
    • Places QA sheet / clipboard in designated storage box
    • Issue Escalation
    • Promptly notifies QA Supervisor and/or QA Manager when quality issues arise such as produce quality, portioning quantity, or missing ingredients
    • Other Responsibilities:

    • Waste Tracking
    • At the direction of the FSQA Manager, sorts produce by type in cooler 10 (QA review cooler) and informs FSQA manager when sorting has been completed
    • Equipment Setup and Maintenance
    • Sets up portion fillers with ingredient requested
    • Breaks down, cleans, and sanitizes portion fillers
    • Calibrates scales used in portioning
    • Detailed Protein Inspection /Testing
    • Conducts off-the-line checks (e.g. full box inspection, water immersion testing) on protein quality as directed by QA Supervisor or Manager
    • Temperature Checks
    • Conducts temperature check for every cooler and freezer in the facility every two hours and documents results

    • Attitude and Attendance
    • Arrives to work at scheduled time and follows time off request procedure
    • Communicates with co-workers in a professional manner
    • Treats co-workers with respect at all times
    • Escalates attitude issues among QA associates to FSQA Manager
    • Uses teamwork with working with production throughout the day


    • The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability needed for this role. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities.
    • High school diploma is preferred
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs and Google applications required
    • Fluency in Spanish and English is preferred
    • 5+ years of experience working in food quality

    • Work Environment:
    • The work environment characteristics described below are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities.
    • Temperature:
    • Must be able and willing to work in refrigerated coolers (~38⁰F)
    • Equipment:
    • Employees must be able to use the following equipment:
    • Manual Piston Filler
    • Automatic Piston Fillers
Perks and benefits:
- Candidates can experience Home Chef as a customer - enter promo code PEOPLE30 for $30 off your first order!
- Medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance available
- Paid holidays, sick time and vacation time
- 401k program
- Flexible spending accounts for qualified medical, dependent care, parking, or transit expenses

Home Chef is an equal opportunity employer. We’re committed to providing equal opportunities in employment, and treating our applicants without discrimination on the basis of their race, color, religion, national origin, gender (including pregnancy and breastfeeding), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, citizenship, genetic information, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law.  Home Chef will not tolerate discrimination based on any of these characteristics.  Home Chef encourages applicants of all ages.