Product Marketing Engineer

Distributed (US only)
Honeycomb is built to help engineering teams deeply explore and understand their own production systems — in real time. It's a service for the near and present future, where distributed systems are the new default, every service is a platform, and empowered generalist software engineers are the new ops. We are passionate about consumer-quality developer tools and excited to build a product that raises our industry's expectations of what our tools can do for us.

We will be hiring one person to do product marketing, but we are open to two different types of candidates: one for a more traditional product marketing background, and one for a lateral transfer from engineering to product marketing. If you love writing about technical problems and sharing best practices and wisdom with your peers, if you've always been curious about working on the business side of tech, this role might be for you!


    • You do not have to be the "best engineer" -- the best teachers often aren't. But you should have at least 5 years of professional experience as a software engineer (slightly preferred) or an operations engineer with experience writing code.
    • Strong writing skills. You should have some docs, blog posts, or other technical writing where we can see your work. You should really love writing; god knows you'll be doing a lot of it.
    • Interest and curiosity in building up your marketing skill set. This isn't JUST a "developer advocate but mostly writing instead of giving talks" role -- it's the opportunity to really learn the business side and have an impact, leveraging your engineering background to find creative solutions to the problem set.

What you'll be doing:

    • Storytelling. Help us tell the stories of our customers, the story of the journey of getting better at building software, and help us find the stories that resonate and educate our users the most.
    • Docs. Have you ever joked about being a documentation engineer? Now you can stop joking.
    • Some developer advocacy type activities, depending on your level of interest in giving talks and travel.
    • Content creation. Demos, webinars, videos, sales collateral, sales enablement... developing personas and targeting content to their needs, etc.
    • Helping us create the full customer lifecycle and flesh it out with the materials our users need to succeed.
    • Interacting with our *awesome* community for ideas, pairing on stories and case studies, etc.
Honeycomb is a startup with a brisk pace and a lot of open questions. If you operate well in an environment with autonomy and a highly developed sense of mission, you might like it here. We are a distributed team with a home base in SF and team members in Seattle, Portland, Austin, Florida and NYC; for this role we have a slight preference for SF, but are open to promising candidates from anywhere within the U.S.

Let’s do this

We're building a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn from each other. We hire adults. We value transparency, autonomy, experimentation, and kind, direct feedback. We welcome nontraditional candidates, and people of all backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives. We're an equal opportunity employer and our hiring process is designed to put you at ease and help you show your best work; if we are doing a poor job of this at any time, please let us know. Come build great things with us.