Backend Developer


Honeypot is a developer-focused job platform, linking screened tech talent with screened companies. We are currently looking for an enthusiastic backend developer to co-shape our product.

How are we different?

    • The developer community is at the heart of the company.
    • We prefer lean and agile over big.
    • We won’t use the word ‘Rockstar’. At all. Promise :)

What you will do:

    • Co-shape a new, developer-focused product.
    • Design, develop and maintain our platform.
    • Dedicate yourself to building a well-tested and scalable application.
    • Work in a small, yet strong dev team.


    • An open, honest and fun work environment.
    • Competitive salary package with potential equity participation.
    • Insights into how a company is built from scratch.
    • Participation in technology conferences, workshops, meetups and user-groups.
    • Time (and company mentality) to contribute to open source work/projects.


    • Since you are an experienced backend developer, we can skip all the SQL, NoSQL, TDD, security, agile, Scrum,  Git, GitHub-talk and focus on the real things:
    • You have your favorite frameworks, languages and platforms. You know their ins and outs and love to have a chat about them.
    • You have an opinion on how things should be done and are up to defend it if necessary.
    • You know what a REST API is, how to connect to one and how to build one yourself.
    • You should have at least 2 years experience as a backend developer. More is definitely a plus.
    • You have solid knowledge of Ruby on Rails and hands-on experience from previous projects.
    • You are fluent in English.
    • You are an active member of the developer community.
    • Preferably you have graduated (or you can convince us, why this is not so important).


    • … tell us about that one thing - be it a framework, gem, tool or whatever - that you truly love. The one thing your developer life would feel incomplete without. No matter if it is Ember.js, Slack or PHP ;) We would love to hear what excites you.

All in all we are not looking for a "code-monkey" but for an idea-driven person, that loves to participate in shaping a great product. Someone who always strives to find new, cutting-edge solutions and learn new stuff.

If this sounds like you, drop us a line.

PS: We have built a successful company before: AppLift