Senior Software Developer - Big Data Platform 高级软件开发工程师 - 大数据平台

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01. Engineering – Data Engineering /
Full time
We're looking for a senior software developer in data platform technology who is comfortable working with multiple languages, frameworks, platforms and excited to design and implement data platform to apply data pipeline to big data analytics, product decision, and business intelligence. As a senior software developer you’ll be responsible for architecture, development and implementation of data platform, as well as data analytics tools. If you’re excited about learning about how to use data to power content discovery and personalization, to improve advertising and marketing campaign, and thus delight our users then this is likely the team for you.
Here are a few of things that you’ll do:
● Design and develop performant, highly available and distributed big data systems.
● Own a platform, or two, by leading the architecture, development and maintenance.
● Tackle design and architectural challenges such as performance, scalability, reusability and flexibility.
● Advocate engineering best practices, including design patterns, code review and automated unit/functional testing.
● Work with research teams to influence them on big data pipeline design, adoption and optimization.
● Introduce the team to the value of new technologies and frameworks through experimentation and verification.
● Help attract, recruit and develop the very best software engineer.


    • BS or MS degree in CS related major.
    • 3+ years of professional programming and design experience.
    • Familiar with Hadoop ecosystem, including Hadoop(MapReduce/YARN/HDFS), HBase, Hive, Spark, and customize at least one system in code-level. 3+ years of big data experience.
    • Good sense in employing open-source software code to solve practical problems.
    • Independent, energetic, highly technical, capable of driving for results under pressure and ambiguity and follow through.
    • Strong communication, organization and planning skills.

Reasons to be Excited

    • We're a small unique team that has strong experience building and innovating in video at places like Hotstar, Hulu, Google, Amazon and Facebook.
    • We have an unusually dedicated team whose passion and focus is in media and technology.
    • The team works on a variety of platforms, services and devices tackling interesting engineering, product and design challenges.
    • We're located nearby Tsinghua Science Park, the heart of China’s Silicon Valley with all of its great food, just a few minutes walk to Wudaokou or Zhongguancun Subway Station and easy access to the North 4th Ring Road, G6 and G7.


    • 构建十亿用户量级的数据平台(10PB),完成日志采集、数据存储、数据仓库、数据服务、查询引擎的完整技术方案
    • 针对营销、广告、推荐、BI等业务场景,提供不同的数据产品
    • 同时随着数据量的不断攀升,以及业务场景的不断丰富,平台需不定期的升级,或引入新的技术方案。


    •  设计研发高性能、高可用的大数据产品,如近实时数据分析、在线数据服务、漏斗分析等 
    • 主导一到两个项目,完成从架构设计、开发、维护的工作 
    • 不断引入新的框架和技术,提升团队的技术能力 
    • 参与并引导团队做正确的事,包括合理的开发流程、良好的文档和编码习惯、技术选型等


    •  3年以上大数据技术经验 
    • 了解大数据行业的常见系统(Hadoop/Kafka/OLAP等),理解其原理并具有实际使用经验 
    • 较强的责任心、团队合作能力,主动性强,目标感强,能推动项目落地 
    • 热爱工程师文化,热爱技术分享
We're big believers in trusting the team to debate and select the right tools for the job. This belief leads to a development team that is excited by and comfortable with building in a variety of languages, frameworks and platforms. Here's a short list of some of the current technology and tools we use to fuel the team.
● Platforms: AWS, Docker, Kubernetes ● Clients: iOS, Android, FireTV, AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast.
● Languages: ES6, Python, Objective-C, Swift, Java, Scala, Kotlin, Go, Erlang.
● Frameworks: Node.js, Angular, React, React Native, gRPC, Spring, Spark, Tensorflow, Hystrix, Consul, Flink, Kafka, ElasticSearch.
● Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, DynamoDB, HBase, influxdb, Prometheus, Aerospike.
● Tools: GitLab, GoCD, Airflow, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Slack, Google Apps.

We believe in owning and building our core services and technologies. With that, we recognize that we must be armed with a team that includes both full stack and specialized developers. Here’s a few of the experiences we’re looking for on our dev team:
● Full stack responsive web development.
● Device platforms and hybrid applications development.
● Architect and implement services handling thousands of requests per second.
● Design and implement software to automate, scale and streamline dev operations.
● Contribute back to the open source community in meaningful ways.