Extended Reality - Creative Partner - AR/VR/MR

Mumbai, Maharashtra
Extended Reality – Creative
Creative Partner

Extended reality (XR) is the new art form to tell stories and create engaging content. This new art form is at a prenatal stage and it's nebulous stage is an ideal time to experiment and shape the future of the storytelling & entertainment industry. And make it a mass culture.

You have a -
1. background in incubating stories & sports/entertainment content and a proven track record in shipping high quality output
2. background in narrative fiction/ non-fiction
3. knack for being found at the intersection of new media (while it's new)
4. love for gadgets & the world of content it opens up
5. history in creative coding.

But you’re surely excited by the possibilities of XR (AR, VR and MR), and relish the opportunity to push the boundaries of tech & entertainment and pioneer the future of the medium.

You will be responsible for -
1. Developing and maintaining the overall creative point of view for Hotstar's XR Studio
2. Anticipating, incubating, and pushing for the creative integration of emerging technology.
3. Driving teams in the creation of cutting edge and emerging content, with a specific focus in VR and AR.
4. Advocate for concepts that challenge conventions and encourage the organization’s movement and progress into the future.
5. Understand and be up to date on the XR marketplace & audiences.
6. Lead research and brainstorming of new concepts and pitch packages.
7. Communicating and rallying the production team behind the vision for the project.
8. Integrating the vision and monitoring quality throughout the production schedule.
9. Ensuring goals within the project plan, including budget and revenue targets, are achieved.