Head - Analytics & Advertiser ROI Optimisation

Mumbai, Maharashtra
7. Ad Tech – Ad tech
Full time

Your key responsibilities

    • Lead and grow the analytics and advertiser ROI optimisation practice for Hotstar
    • Build, grow and manage a team of data scientists and business analysts to deploy analytical solutions for the business
    • Use cutting edge data science-related methods and tools to derive insights
    • Coach, mentor, motivate and supervise advanced data scientists and analysts
    • Define and promote an agile model development
    • Actively participate in the high-end analytics product development for business transformation
    • Organize and “wrangle” large datasets so that you can get actionable insights from them. This may include finding innovative ways to combine fields of data that don’t naturally mesh together and/or lie in disparate systems both within Hotstar and outside and ensuring good data quality management techniques.
    • Architect, and in collaboration with product develop and deploy ad serving logics that use algorithms and programming to efficiently go through large datasets and apply treatments, filters and conditions to audience data, click-stream data from platform, and down funnel data from advertiser so as to maximize results for advertisers 
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What to bring

    • Expertise selecting context-appropriate modeling, analysis, and reporting techniques, with hands-on skills with common marketing analytics techniques including: factor analysis, regression/logistic regression, CHAID/decision trees, K-means (clustering), univariate analysis (t-test), cross-tabs, time series analysis and others
    •  Strong executive-level communication skills and the ability to breakdown complex analytical concepts with confidence for a non-technical executive audience, including internal management and customers
    •  Experience ramping up analytics programs with including integrating with work of multiple external/internal teams and to ensure analytics approach is aligned with marketing objectives of advertisers
    •  Experience in mentoring, and developing a team of data scientists, engineers, advanced analysts
    • Significant demonstrated experience in analytics product development
    • Experience with project management and Agile methodologies