Principal Data Analyst资深数据分析师

Beijing /
01. Engineering – Machine Learning /
Full time
* Key driver and  contributor of continuous improvements in user growth and ads growth in Hotstar.
* Have a deep understanding and unique insights into the company’s business and help the team to develop a roadmap
* Gather, clean, transform data and identify the key factors that drive user and ads growth.
* Propose solutions/strategies to tech/product/business teams to accelerate the user and ads growth.
* Work closely with other researchers and product teams to identify the data analysis requirements related to ads, reco, social, etc.
* Design and implement solutions by leveraging big data technology.
* Convey the recommendations to the stakeholders by creating reports to facilitate their decision making.
* Build a high standard of data analysis and advocate data-driven culture company-wide.
* Guide and lead small teams to collaborate and promote projects.


    • Experience: Bachelor degree or above. 5+ years industry experience of data analytics.
    • Knowledge: Abundant mathematics and statistics background. Extensive knowledge, hands-on experiences and industry vision in statistics, data analysis, big data processing and parallel computing frameworks such as Hadoop and Spark.
    • Problem Solving: Logical thinker with strong problem solving and analytical ability to apply your mathematical, algorithmic and other expertise to solve real problems.
    • Learning Ability: Ability to master new technology in a short time and apply to solve practical problems. 
    • Motivation: Have a strong interest in applying existing industry experience and knowledge accumulation to the implementation of new products and new problems, and are willing to lead cross-field work.
    • Collaboration: Participated in at least 3 team projects and played a leader role to drive the projects with others.
    • Communication: Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.


    • 作为Hotstar用户和广告增长持续改善的核心贡献者和主导者
    • 对公司的业务有深刻的理解和独特的见解,帮助团队制定图线路
    • 收集、清洗、转换数据并识别驱动用户和广告增长的关键因素
    • 向技术、产品、商业部门提出解决方案或战略以加速用户和广告增长
    • 与其他的算法工程师和产品团队紧密合作,识别与广告、推荐、社交等相关的数据分析需求
    • 利用大数据技术设计和开发解决方案
    • 通过创建报告向利益相关方汇报推荐方案以帮助他们做出决策
    • 建立数据分析的标准并在公司范围内输出数据驱动的文化
    • 指导和带领小的团队协作推动项目


    • 经验:本科及以上学历。5年及以上数据分析的业界经验
    • 知识:丰富的数学和统计学背景。在统计学、数据分析、大数据处理和并行计算框架如Hadoop和Spark等方面具有丰富的知识、实操经验和行业视野
    • 解决问题:具有较强的分析和解决复杂问题的能力,将数学、算法和其他技能应用于解决实际问题
    • 学习能力:能在较短的时间内掌握新的技术并应用于解决实际问题
    • 动机:对将已有的行业经验和知识积累应用于新产品新问题的落地有较强的兴趣,并乐于主导跨领域的工作
    • 协作:主导过至少3个团队的项目,并作为领导者角色推动项目的进行
    • 沟通:较强的口头和文字沟通技能