Consumer Insights lead

Mumbai, Maharashtra
8. Premium – Marketing
Full time
Will  be responsible for shaping and managing research needs: from defining and deepening our knowledge on who our audience is today and tomorrow, to growing the company’s understanding of consumers attitudes, to bringing to life the consumer’s voice in order to craft creative campaigns
●     Lives and breathes primary research - extensive quant experience and good experience in integrating qualitative & digital insights to tell a holistic, impactful story
●     Knows how to design a research project to meet the needs of the marketing question and can determine which methodology best serves the purpose
●     Knows how to implement research projects - from the ground up from end to end- whether that’s setting up focus groups or executing an online survey
●     Experience across a range of quantitative methodologies
●     Has had a ton of experience in survey programming or design and knows how to ask the right questions
●     Understands the consumer’s voice and how to turn what people say into actionable findings with a story first approach
●     Understands how great insights lead to great strategy which results in real impact to the business
  ●     At least 7 +yrs of hands-on experience in a market research agency. Experience of entertainment research is a plus
●     Experience presenting/socialising insights