Senior Data Scientist 高级数据科学家

Beijing /
01. Engineering – Machine Learning /
Full time

* Key contributor of continuous improvements in the quality of data analysis and modeling in Hotstar.
* Keep track of both industry and academic research trends in related areas. including but not limited to machine learning, data science and distributed computation.
* Participate in data science projects planning with product managers and the team based on data-driven investigation methods and industry trends.
* Propose, implement, test and verify analytic and algorithmic solutions for upcoming data science product features
* Design and build systems that combine data science and product design to continuously improve over time.
* Identify key factors, design and develop prototype, proof of concept, and demo systems to improve performance for current algorithms and architectures
* Model and implement the solutions involved in data science problems
* Partner closely with other product teams across the organization to experiment with different algorithms and validate their effectiveness, while gaining knowledge of how DS works in all these products.


    • Experience: Master degree or above. 3+ years industry experience of practical algorithm design and implementation in data science related fields. Has experience in backend development will be a plus.
    • Knowledge: Strong mathematics,computer science, data analysis and machine learning background. Extensive knowledge and hands-on experiences in big data processing and parallel computing frameworks such as Hadoop and Spark.
    • Problem Solving:Logical thinker with strong problem solving and analytical ability to apply your mathematical, algorithmic and other expertise to solve real problems.
    • Learning Ability: Ability to master new technology in a short time and apply it to solve practical problems.
    • Motivation: Passion for applied research and new technology, open to interdisciplinary work.
    • Collaboration: Participated in at least 2 team projects and played a leadership role to drive the projects with others.
    • Communication: Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.


    • 作为Hotstar数据分析与建模持续改善的核心贡献者
    • 持续跟踪相关领域的业界和学界的研究动态,不限于数据科学、机器学习和分布式计算
    • 基于数据驱动的调研方法以及业界动态,与产品经理和团队共同参与数据科学项目的规划
    • 设计和搭建系统,将数据科学和产品设计相结合,并持续改进
    • 识别关键因素、设计和开发原型、POC和演示系统来改善现有算法和架构的性能
    • 对数据科学问题中涉及的解决方案进行建模和开发
    • 和其他的产品团队紧密合作,实验不同的算法,验证其有效性


    • 经验:硕士及以上学历。3年及以上的数据科学相关领域的应用算法设计和开发的业界经验。具有后端开发经验的优先。
    • 知识:较强的数学、计算机科学、数据分析和机器学习背景。在大数据处理和并行计算框架如Hadoop和Spark方面具有丰富的知识和实操经验
    • 解决问题:具有较强的解决问题和分析能力,将数学、算法和其他技能应用于解决实际问题
    • 学习能力:能在较短的时间内掌握新的技术并应用于解决实际问题
    • 动机:对应用研究和新技术有较强的兴趣,并乐于跨领域的工作
    • 协作:参与过至少2个团队的项目,并作为领导者角色推动项目的进行
    • 沟通:较强的口头和文字沟通技能