Site Reliability

San Francisco
Houseparty is a face-to-face social network.

We bring empathy to online communication. Centered around live video chat, our application brings people together with just one tap.

Social interactions are incredibly diverse in nature, and we’re building a virtual space that works for all of them. By doing so, we empower people to have meaningful conversations online, build relationships, and have fun together.

Site Reliability at Houseparty

At Houseparty, we provide a group video chat application built around presence. We care deeply about ensuring a seamless, top quality multimedia experience for every one of our users.

We also provide a fundamentally new type of product, and are vigorously experimental in turning our application into the best possible version of itself.

As site reliability engineer at Houseparty, you own the infrastructure that keeps our entire application stable, usable, and efficient for millions of users. This includes microservice orchestration with Kubernetes, scalability and performance monitoring, systems automation, and a responsibility for the health of our production infrastructure.

Here are some things we look for:

    • A passion for infrastructure, automation, reliability, debugging, and building something meaningful
    • Excellent systems-level analytical skills, and an ability to move up and down the stack
    • Experience with container frameworks, particularly Kubernetes
    • Experience with cloud infrastructure at scale (>100 nodes), relational and non-relational databases (we use Postgres, Redis)
    • Comfort with a few scripting and programming languages (Bash, Go, Python, Scala, etc)
    • A deep understanding of Linux
    • Knowledge of configuration management systems/config-as-code (we use Terraform)
    • Knowledge of build systems (ideally Scala Build Tool) and CI/CD (ideally Jenkins)
    • Knowledge of causes of load and latency, the differences between them, and how to minimize both
    • Sysadmin skills (install a host, upgrade a box, format a disc, etc)
    • A data-conscious, iterative approach to debugging, problem-solving, and development in general
    • A strong grasp of computer science fundamentals
    • Knowing how to not do things that will take down our entire system (but seriously)
    • Creativity

What to include with your application:

    • Links to any online profiles (Github, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc)
    • A description of your professional experience (resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, or similar)
While this list is not exhaustive, we also don't require in-depth experience with every item mentioned. We typically prioritize programming skills, low-level systems knowledge, an understanding of large-scale distributed systems, and experience with container orchestration or Kubernetes.

Houseparty is a product for everyone, and we are proud to reflect that internally. We value an inclusive workplace, where people enjoy helping one another grow and accomplish goals.

From project management to team structure, we are cross-functional by design. Members of the Infrastructure team frequently collaborate with the Design team on UX concepts, contribute ideas to the product roadmap, and develop testable theories about user behaviors and interests. We believe that these practices promote transparency and well-roundedness.

If our passion for crafting a better way to share time resonates with you, then we would love to review your application.